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8-year-old boy saves father

Picture this: you are having a nice drive with your dad. Suddenly you find yourself flying through the air and smashing onto a sandbar roof first. It is very difficult to say what you would and wouldn’t do in this type of situation. I think it’s safe to say very few of us would stay calm! Now picture this, an eight year version of you in that situation, what now?



Eugenio Garcia, the father of the eight year old boy, was driving along the Nashua River with his eight year old son when he lost control and smashed through the guardrail. The car flipped and landed on its roof on a sandbar.

The father was hurt in the crash and unable to make his own way out of the car and to safety. Here is where it gets amazing! His eight year old son freed himself from the wreckage and proceeded to trek the near mile journey to his stepmothers house, who then called 911.

Although, there has been no concrete reports it has been rumoured that the father had been drunk, and that, that may have precipitated the crash.

One thing is clear, this eight year old boy has GUTS! He not only stayed calm under pressure, released he needed to get help, knew exactly how to get to where help would be but through all that he did that while knowing that his father was in trouble. AMAZING!

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