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Mega Moolah
risto h just won
Mega Moolah
€ 2
Totem Lightning Power Reels
Susanne K just won
Totem Lightning Power Reels
€ 6.3
Fairytale Legends: Mirror Mirror
reecia w just won
Fairytale Legends: Mirror Mirror
€ 2
Gonzo's Quest
Jouni K just won
Gonzo's Quest
€ 125.5
Flaming Fox
bünyamin b just won
Flaming Fox
€ 60

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Brodie and Dude Perfect trick shot mania

Who needs the NBA when you have the guys from Dude Perfect and the Frisbee throwing magician Brodie!



This group of insane trick shot specialists embark on a basketball versus Frisbee trick shot exhibition. Taking turns, they start of small with a simple baseline to baseline shot which the promptly sink and so the action moves on.

The action heats up when they use an indoor football field and slowly increase the distance of the basket. Both the basketball and Frisbee trick shot experts make it look easy as they sink shot after shot.

When the action moves on the insane turns into the overboard as the battle competitors try to outdo each other. It’s unclear as to who wins the competition, but one thing is clear there is amazing skill shown and a great time had by all.

These guys are completely and utterly nuts, but their skill is undeniable!

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