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APR surprises Monica from Sweden with 2,633,052 Euro Jackpot Win

In the early morning hours, more precisely at 3:47am on the 23rd of April, most people in Sweden were sleeping. However, one person was busy becoming first ever millionaire and with a click of the spin button she won the Arabian Nights jackpot worth €2,633,036. A shocking amount of money to most people, especially if you didn’t realize you won and some guy from calls you in the morning with some rather astonishing news…



The team at Guts could not wait to call Monica to congratulate her on the massive jackpot win, but Monica’s initial reaction was not what Guts was expecting. It seems that Monica saw the five wild symbols lined up and thought she had won something. Yet, she did not realize the immensity of her win, so she continued to play some more spins and then went to bed. Little did she know that she had just become a millionaire. So our Swedish speaking representative’s phone call with our winner the morning after went something like this:


“Hi! I’m calling from Guts”


“I’m calling you from, do you know why I’m calling?”

“Whe, wha…No…why are you calling me?”

“(soft laughter) Well, you played a few rounds at Arabian Nights last night?”

“Oh, yeah, that’s right! Guts, yes. But why are you calling?”

“(more laughter) We got a message from NetEnt that a jackpot was won on that slot last night, and it’s your account. You won!”

“Did I win a jackpot last night? Really?! Well, how much was it?”

“It was quite a bit actually, are you sitting down?”


“You won the big jackpot of €2.6 million! Or almost 24.5 million Swedish Kroner!”

“I can’t believe it! You are kidding me, right?”



After some more convincing that we were in fact serious and that she really had won the jackpot, Monica’s pulse started racing and she burst out “I think I might have a heart attack” And finally when the news started to sink in: “I think I may faint!” No need to worry though, Monica is in good health, but the winner’s high will not soon be forgotten! We can just imagine the rush of being told you’ve won life-changing money early in the morning!



Robin Reed, Managing Director of comments: “This is truly a remarkable day. We love to celebrate winners at Guts and this is the largest win we have ever had the pleasure of celebrating. We are so happy for Monica, who has been playing at Guts since the start and we look forward to making more millionaires in the future. Well done, Monica!”

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We had to ask what Monica would be doing with the winnings, to which she replied: “I will pay off my mortgage, help out my children and my grandchildren, donate some money to charity and then enjoy a little travelling with my family.”


Arabian Nights is one of 29 progressive jackpots on offer at 

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