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The 2013 running of the bulls

Dress in white and don’t forget your red handkerchief, it’s time for the running of the bulls again. The running of the bulls has a legacy dating back over a hundred years, however it is a past highlighted with a handful of deaths and countless injuries. That does not however stop hundreds of daredevils from testing the metal… balls I think balls is the right word.



The running of the bulls consist of letting half-tonne fighting bulls out of their pens and leading them through the streets of Pamplona in northern Spain. Participants of the run strap on a little red, to get the bull’s attention and then but hook or by crook attempt to stay out of the path of… well a half ton bull.

Six bulls and six steer… okay explaining what a steer is first:

A steer is a castrated bull, yup every man reading this just suddenly crossed their legs, that holds the heard together.

… so, six bulls and six steers charged down the cobbled streets of the medieval city and, although there were no deaths, two unfortunate souls were hospitalised. A 20-year-old Spaniard and a 42-year-old American were the unlucky two to be on the wrong side of a, well of a bull!

Running of the bulls 2014 is on my bucket list, how about yours?

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