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Fruit Blast

Game Description

So you’re keen on becoming a pro at mixing fruit to create amazing tasting fruit shakes? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Skillzz Gaming presents Fruit Blast, a slot that makes use of a 5 by 5 grid and cluster pays. This slot is very similar to the famous “Candy Crush” so you’ll have no trouble getting the hang of it! Set in a tropical beach setting, Fruit Blast includes the tastiest of fruits such as cherries, lemons, grapes, watermelons and pineapples. You’ll also have the chance to interact with several bartenders while relaxing on the beach as they look to impress you with their fruit shake skills.

How to Play

Before you start blasting those fruits away, you’ll need to learn how to set your bets. Begin by selecting the “set bet” button. Next, choose from a selection of bet sizes. These range from 0.80 all the way up to 100.00. Once you’re happy with your bet size, simply go ahead and hit the big green “play” button in the centre of the screen.

As soon as you hit play, fruit icons and possibly jackpot and bonus tiles will cascade down. Now all you have to do is click on the selection of 3 or more of the same tile and they will be replaced by new ones. This will continue to happen until there are no more possible moves to make, in which case you can spin again.

Game Features

Although there aren’t any wilds in this slot, Fruit Blast is far from bland. In fact, it has tons of bonus features and achievements that you can attain. Before we get into the nitty-gritty, it’s important to mention that Fruit Blast has a few special symbols. Firstly, we’ve got the Jackpot symbol which, when forming part of winning combination, grants a jackpot win of x1000 the total bet. The other special symbol of this slot is none other than the Bonus symbol. When you manage to form a winning combo with this symbol, you’re granted with a bonus feature. There are a total of 8 bonus features in this game and each one is uniquely linked with each bartender (accept the starting bartender).

Fruit Blast’s special features! We know you’re going to love these so let’s get straight into it. To begin with, this slot has both a star level meter (situated in the top right-hand corner of the screen) as well as fruit multiplier bars.

The star level meter is filled up whenever you 3 or more of the same symbol land in adjacent positions (anywhere on the grid). For each symbol that forms part of a winning combination, you’ll earn 1 star. These stars will then be added to the star level meter and help you to level up. Each time you level up, achievement goals will pop up and when they are met they’ll help you to gain even more stars. By levelling up you’ll also unlock new bartender characters. There are 8 bartenders that can be unlocked but of course, you’ll need to be committed if you are to reach high levels! As previously mentioned, each bartender also comes with a special feature. Check them out below!

Aloha - unlocked by reaching level 2. The bonus feature is called “Hawaiin Shake”. Various fruits are poured into the blender and you receive a cash prize

Pat - unlocked by reaching level 5. This bonus feature is known as “Dance Nights”. You are awarded 5 free games. Each game is a guaranteed win, however, no bonus or jackpot tiles appear in this round.

Koko - unlocked by reaching level 9. Koko’s bonus feature is called “Pick and Win” and it’s all about coins. Here you are shown multiple coins faced down. Your job is to flip the coins over to reveal cash prizes until you pick collect.

Cassandra - unlocked by reaching level 12. “Goth a Fruit?” is Cassandra’s bonus feature. There are 5 rows of fruits which hide some big prizes. All you need to do is select tiles to reveal cash prizes. The more you reveal the bigger your cash prizes are.

Coach Max - unlocked by reaching level 15. “Happy Hour” is this bonus features name. Coach Max pours you a shake “on the house” and fills up one of your fruit bars at random.

Maitre’ D -unlocked by reaching level 19. “Side Dish” awards 1 free game with a x10 multiplier. During this round, there are no bonus or jackpot tiles.

Mary - unlocked by reaching level 22. “Double Shake” gives you the chance to double your winnings. Firstly you must choose to flip 1 of 4 coins to reveal your base prize. You then continue flipping coins until you either collect a prize, thus ending the round, or double your prize and get the possibility to re-double your winnings. This round ends once you hit “collect” or when you have hit double 3 times.

Echo - unlocked by reaching level 25. “Pick and Win 2” displays 12 coins. You must then flip the sides of as many coins as possible to reveal cash prizes until you uncover a multiplier. The bonus prize is the sum of the uncovered cash prizes multiplied by the multiplier itself.

Lastly, we’ve got the fruit multiplier bars which are located on the left side of the screen. By hitting winning combos of different fruit types, you’ll start to fill up the fruit bars. Each bar can be filled up multiple times each round. They are as follows:

Cherry - x0.5

Lemon - x1

Grape - x2

Watermelon - x5

Pineapple - x10

Game Details

Software Provider - Skillzz Gaming

Paylines - Cluster Pays

Number of Reels - 5x5 grid

Max. win - x1000 total bet

RTP - 94.02% - 96.12%