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1992 Olympics 400m semi-final

Yes yes yes I know it’s an old one! The 1992 Barcelona Olympic 400 meter semi-final went from being a competitive race between some of the best athletes of their generation, to an inspirational masterpiece that would transcend his career and become the benchmark for the human spirit.



Derek Redmond had made it to the semi-final of the 400 meter race in Barcelona. Redmond was a serious contender to take the Gold Medal and seemed to be peaking at just the right time. As the athletes took their place at the blocks and waited for the starters gun to off no one could have guessed what would happen next.

Redmond got off to a great start until it all went horribly wrong for him on the back straight. The British athlete had tour his hamstring and he was out of the race. That however was not the end of it! Embodying the very essence of the famed Olympic spirit Redmond picked himself up and limping along completed the race to deafening applause from the crowd.

I come across this video every couple of years and every time the hairs on the back of my neck stick up and I can feel a tear developing. Redmond you have probably heard this a million times, you have Guts, Guts or Nuts maybe I should change it to Redmond or Nuts.

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