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Jumping into pool fail

Once upon a time in a land called Germany, a German man stripped down in freezing cold weather to attempt to jump into a frozen pool. The results? Hilarious!



After a fair amount of build this German individual gets ready to jump into a frozen pool, breaking through the ice and landing into the pool. My first question? If it’s cold enough for the pool to be frozen over what is this man doing outside in his underpants getting ready to jump into a freezing cold pool.

The man jumps he’s in the air he might… go… all… the… oh wait no he smashed into the ice and looked like he hurt himself. As his friend burst out in laughter, this masterpiece becomes a viral masterpiece.

Yes I think you guessed this, the verdict is a resounding you are one Nuts German. Although he is most definitely a nutcase the fact remains his has quickly become and internet sensation with just the version his channel being viewed 25,800,000 times.

Kategorien: Insane , Viral Video
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