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The lion tamer

Some of us have pet cats, Kevin Richardson has pet lions, only probably is these big cats aren’t tame, these big cats are as wild as they come.



Kevin is an animal behaviourist and according to this news reporter doesn’t believe in observing his subjects from the safety of behind the fences. The image of this man hugging and playing with these massive animals that are perfectly adapted to killing is a truly amazing site.

There is a moment towards the end of the clip where three full grown female lions “play” with Kevin and even the reporter feels uncomfortable asking if he is okay. He seems unconcerned and even states that this is what they always do!

In the interview Kevin hints that it he were to be killed by the lions and was given the chance to come back that, he would do it all again. Mr Richardson, you my friend or completely and utterly Nuts. There is a fine line between balls of steel and shit for brains and you sir seem to be heavily leaning to one side!

Kategorien: News , Viral Video
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