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Oh, Fred!


Well that was quite an opening! Every new opening ceremony makes us realise just how good London 2012 was, but at least the terrible sound quality meant we didn’t have to listen to J-Lo and Pitbull. Feel better with this Guts sport bonus. That's the least we could do.

The football on show didn’t disappoint, even if there were a few gripes! We’re going to be starting a series where we reflect on the best and worst moments of the tournament


Brazil honest slogan


The Guts Award: Oscar

Neymar may have nabbed a brace with a couple of flukey finishes, but it was Oscar who grabbed the game by the scruff of the neck and dragged Brazil back into contention. Chelsea fans must be wondering where this Oscar has been hiding during the domestic season!


A special mention should also go to Brazil coach Luis Felipe Scolari whose nephew passed away just days before the tournament. Despite this tragic loss, Scolari has to manage the hopes and dreams of a nation and got off to a winning start on opening night.


The Nuts Award: Yuichi Nishimura

Who would have thought that the home nation would get favorable refereeing decisions?!


Japanese referee Yuichi Nishimura has got the World Cup off to a controversial start with a couple of extremely important calls which benefitted Brazil and cost Croatia dearly.


Croatia’s Vedran Corluka was especially stinging in his criticism of the referee.


"It is embarrassing,” said the Lokomotiv Moscow man. “Everyone who was watching saw that nothing happens. I didn't see anything. I saw a touch on Fred but Lovren didn't even pull him. He was keen to give the penalty."


Not only did Nishimura award Brazil a soft penalty, he also disallowed what appeared to be a perfectly valid equaliser for Croatia late in the game.


A poor start, Mr Nishimura.


Guts’ Goal of the Day: Oscar

Is there anything more deliciously cheeky than a toepoked effort which creeps into the bottom corner? A deserved reward for a fantastic individual performance.


Guts’ Gripe of the Day

We should be talking about how wonderful the football was, but a poor refereeing performance has again stolen the attention from the sport itself.



Brazil is in chaos. Civil unrest is crippling Rio de Janeiro while the streets of São Paulo were awash with teargas as police clashed with protesters on Monday.

No such travisties in our promotion section fortunately, get your Guts bonus sports here. 

Shockingly, the drama does not end there. Spare a thought for the British journalists who have been complaining about the views from their hotel windows. If you’re important enough to be paid to watch football at the biggest tournament in the world, the least you can expect is a certain level of luxury, right lads?


window view

window view brown

window view hirst


window view wallace


To be fair to Matt Barlow of the Daily Mail, he did gauge the public's mood and made a full apology for his insensitivity.




If that wasn't bad enough, Ian Wright had a terrible day at the beach.


beach wright






We're delighted to say that one of Guts’ very own has finished the prestigious Cisco NetRiders Championships on a high after scooping the first place prize!


guts party


Here at Guts we were extremely proud to hear Chris, one of our rising IT stars, had won the competition. It's extemely pleasing to see that our aim to produce the best we can both on and off the gaming screen is bearing fruit, to ultimately provide you players with the best experience, produced by the very best!


Developer Christopher Demicoli received the award at the finals that were held at the institute ICE Malta located in the Maltese town of Zebbug.  


Speaking after his competition win, Chris said:


"Up to the end of last year, my knowledge of networks, routing and switching was very limited, since I am a Software Engineer by profession. I then decided to pursue the CCNA course to enhance my knowledge in this area.


Although it is not usual for Software Engineers to have knowledge in this area, I find it has benefited me since most of the time we are developing software that depends heavily on networks.


I am very pleased that I have been able to achieve first place, especially considering that less than a year ago, I didn't even know what a subnet was!


And you should be pleased Chris! Chris will go on to represent Guts at the NetRiders International Competition in Milan, hoping to repeat his succeson the European stage and become the very first World Champion representing us here at Guts HQ. To celebrate, we're giving out a special Guts bonus! Check it out.


If you want to find out more about Chris’s achievements as well as his work, follow him on Twitter: @chridemi


Good Luck Chris and bring that baby home!

In case you missed it, we're offering Yaya Toure a luxury trip to Malta as part of Guts' birthday celebrations!

The boss has even offered to lend the Ivorian his convertible for the week!
Yaya car
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empty cake
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Today is Guts’ first birthday!


Here at Guts HQ we know how important birthdays are, so we sympathise with Yaya Toure’s current plight. Poor guy, should've checked out Guts bonus sports. Guaranteed to have put a smile back on his face.


But fear not, Yaya, for we shall celebrate with you! We’re having a joint birthday party and we’d like to share the festivities!


Check out the cakes we’re having in your honour! We’ll save you one but Kolo should probably lay off them.


 In fact, we’d like to extend an invitation for you to come and join in with our birthday celebrations!


An invitation to Yaya

A luxury trip to Malta, with nothing but the best for you. We heard you like Bugattis and although we don't have one, the boss hopes his 308 convertible for a week will do.


So, what do you say, Yaya? This cake won’t last forever!


Yaya Specials

With 20 Premier League goals, it’s easy to see Yaya finishing top of his country’s scoring charts this summer: Ivory Coast Top Goalscorer WC 2014


Will he still be at City next season or will he be plying his trade elsewhere after the transfer window closes? Where does Yaya Toure play 2nd September 2014?


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