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Last weekend saw one of our players go on a hot streak that will become a part of Guts legend. The team at Guts would like to congratulate Sabah on her amazing streak, winning a total on €79,916.50…



Let’s start at the beginning with a €100 UKash deposit and promise of hours of entertainment, few could have imaged, especially Sabah herself, what would follow.

She went on streak after streak with a €13,775 win on Fruitshop, followed by a Golden Egg stealing win of €11,894 on Jack and the Beanstalk. The wins still kept coming as the weekend wore on, Sabah had a €12,195 win on Crime Scene, a €10,200 win on Beach and finished the weekend with a €11,850 win on Starburst.

Needless to say, Sabah ended the weekend withdrawing her amazing win with her preferred withdrawal method and walked away with her life changing €79,916.50. Once again, congratulations to Sabah on her win, you are our Guts woman of the week.

When Nicholas Shelby stepped up to the podium to welcome incoming engeneering students at Georgia Tech he has something special in mind. With a confidence and grace far exceeding his years he begins with, “In the words of Sir Isaac Newton, if I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants” Is this this the greatest welcome speech ever…



Nicholas cites Georgia Tech’s “tradition of excellence” as the tradition that he finds most exciting and as the brass band swells and the music builds his speech reaches a glorious crescendo.

“If you want to change the world, you are at Georgia Tech you can do that! If you want build the Iron Man Suit, you are at Georgia Tech you can do that! If you want to play theme music during your… um he got pretty excited here… like a bass ass, we’re at Georgia Tech, we can do that.”

Yes I have to agree with the title of this one, this is the most amazing welcome speech EVER given. For Nicholas Shelby the honor of the Guts badge!

Benedict Cumberbatch is known for his role in the BBC series Sherlock as well as his most recent big budget Hollywood role in Star Trek Into Darkness. However, he has not taken his rise to fame lightly and this week he put his new found position in the spotlight to good use.

Benedict Cumberbatch Message For The Paparazzi


The evolution of the way news is chosen and reported has changed drastically in the past ten to twenty years. The idea of hard news reporting and in depth analysis has been replaced with entertainment and gossip. This story is, however not a critique on the modern news network, but rather a look at one man’s view on the Paparazzi. Look at it either way you want, but the Guts casino no deposit bonus codes are defitiely blitzing!

It is nice to seen in an age where the Kim Kardashians of the world are desperate to get every second of the spotlight they can, a lone light in the darkness Benedict Cumberbatch used his time in front of the glow of the Paparazzi’s camera flashes to show the rest of us how it’s done.

So Mr. Cumberbatch you are our Guts man of the week, a honor I am sure you are honored to receive… or maybe I am just honored to bestow it.

The recent IAAF track championships have seen their fair share of memorable moments. However, in the current global climate, none could be more symbolic, or so say some, than the kiss shared between two female athletes on the medal stand of the 4x400m relay…  



After edging out American and British teams for the gold medal and finding themselves on the winners podium of one of the biggest athletics events of the year, Kseniya Ryzhova and Tatyana Firov did something that is seen by many in the home country as controversial.

The kiss is said to have been in protest of recent anti-gay propaganda laws in athlete’s home country of Russia. However, Russian authorities have been quick to say that the kiss was merely celebratory and that the controversy is a fiction of western media.

My personal view… these women either followed in a long line athletes, like Tommie Smith and John Carlos in the 1968 Olympic Games, who used the podium as a vehicle for change, or they were simply and understandable ecstatic at their achievement. Either way two good looking woman sharing a kiss… well let’s just say I am not complaining, GUTS for sure!  

Basketball is a game of intense skill and hand eye coordination. The idea of a one-armed basketball player as a result is an enigma rarely seen and ever more rarely valued. Zach Hodskins and the University of Florida are however taking strides to change that perception.



Zach is a high school senior from Alpharetta, Ga., is a one-armed basketball player proving one game at a time that any disability can be overcome to achieve greatness. Although he only has half the raw material to dribble anyone that has seen him play knows that this has not slowed him down at all.

He has now caught the eye of the University of Florida, who have offered him “preferred walk-on status.” The status will give him a place on the team without a scholarship, showing that he will not just be there as a sideshow but as a legitimate player for the gators.

As far as basketball goes my skills don’t extend any further than throwing paper balls into a waste basket. With two hands I can’t do what this guy is doing with one, so very simply Zach you get a huge GUTS from us. Keep up the good work and keep inspiring people where ever you go.

Imagine getting inside a pod and traveling at 800 miles per hour from one city to another. A six hour journey by car could be reduced to less than an hour and less traveling time means more time to do what you want to do! Is this the future of travel…



Elon Musk is the CEO of Tesla and private space company SpaceX. In addition, he is also credited with being one of the founders PayPal. Musk doesn’t accept the status quo, he goes into a market finds how he could do better and then blows the industry into the future.

It was, as a result, inevitable that when he set his eyes on the high speed train industry that something special would follow. I was not disappointed – the proposed Hyperloop system is like something out of Futurama and uses electromagnetic energy to catapult pods to over 800 miles an hour.

Musk estimated that it could ferry as many as 840 passengers per hour between LA to San Francisco, a journey taking a little over 30 minutes. The pods would be catapulted in tubes running along the i90 freeway and would cost $6 billion, this only a fraction of what it would cost for the controversial proposed high speed train.

Elon Musk we salute you for being a visionary and bestow upon you the prestigious Guts tag, congratulations… now where do I buy my ticket?    

Imagine starting down a 20 foot wave, imagine catching that wave and riding! Now, imagine falling off and been catapulted into the path of one of the most powerful natural forces. For big wave surfers this is an everyday reality. They risk everything to get that brief moment of perfection as they hang on a knife edge away from disaster.



Maya Gabeira is a big wave surfer, a big wave surfer that has seen her life flash before her eyes, a big wave surfer that in 2011 at Teahupoo, Tahiti came close to death. The clip is a testament to her strength of will to not give up, but to get back on her board and continue her pursuit of that perfect moment.

Big wave surfers are Nuts but the strength of Maya’s will is something to be truly inspired by. Maya gets a Guts in my book, but I am glad I get to stay on the beach with a cocktail as she does her thing.

Video games have long since been given a negative stigma. Your mother telling you that you are going to get square eyes from staring at the TV too long, or professional postulating that violent video games cause violent behavior, it has always given video games a bit of a bad name. Gryffin Sanders, however, is changing that one saved granny at a time…



Ten year old Gryffin was taking a ride with his granny and younger brother in Golden, Colorado. The trouble started when the 72 year old grandmother passed out at the wheel while travelling at 60mph. This, as I am sure you have already concluded for yourself, is a recipe for disaster and tragedy.

You forgot about Gryffin though! The ten year old jumped into action, leaping across and taking the wheel. He then directed the car away from incoming traffic and into a nearby ditch. The car came to a gentle stop with all occupants of the car safe and sound.

Here is the best part… Gryffin attributed his quick reactions and ability to steer the car out of harm’s way on Mario Kart Wii. Happy ending and a gold star for video games, now this is a story!

Gryffin you get a Guts for being calm under pressure and restoring video games’ good name.