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When Robert Cole woke up one morning and decided that today was a good day to break into a house, he should have gone back to bed! Little did Cole know, he was about to have the worst, and possibly most embarrassing day of his life… or maybe he is as big a dumb ass as this story makes him seem…



Denay Houston and her husband heard breaking glass at about 6 a.m. and her husband went to investigate. Houston’s husband, releasing that they were about to be broken into, waited for the would-be thief to come through the front of the house and then pounced.

In seconds, the husband had the Cole on the ground with his arms and legs tied behind his back, just like in the rodeo… just wait it gets better. The husband then proceeded to get ready for work, finally leaving Cole hogtied on the front lawn for the police as he went to work. Can I get a DAME!!

Still it gets better, when asked for an interview by a local television crew, the husband’s response was simply sorry I have to get to work. Okay so let’s sum up: rodeo ninja, all around bad ass, according to his wife; superhero and finally modest, hardworking and committed to providing for his family! What a guy!

Not only did this take Guts, but what a bad ass! If more criminals were being hogtied and left out for the public to see, I firmly believe crime would drop drastically.

He is known as The Professor and seeing him on a basketball court shows what he is considered to be a professor in, BASKETBALL! This 28 year old street ball player has risen to the pinnacle of the sport. His play features some of the most inventive, imaginative and perfectly executed moves the sport has ever seen…



This footage is from the BallUp tour to China! The professor makes a 6 foot 7 Chinese player his… well you get what I mean! The Chinese baller takes exception to the bop to the head and goes after The Professor with murder in his eyes!

The only thing more amazing than The Professor’s play is his story. Grayson Boucher… yup that is why he prefers to be called The Professor, I would too… was born in Portland, Oregon in the US. Boucher and his brother decided to attend the AND! Mixtape Tour event in his home town and his life changed forever.

Arriving at the event he found out that they offered an “open run” tryout to join the tour. Boucher entered blew the judges mind and quickly became a central part of the AND1 tour.

Yes Mr The Professor, or Mr Boucher… whichever you prefer… I am giving you a big Guts on this one. Your story is inspiring and I had a good laugh at this clip.

Whether you choose to just accept it, or you are drawn to finding answers on how an illusionist performs his tricks we all love a good show. Well-known illusionist/magician (call him what you will) Dynamo took to London on an iconic double decker red bus to perform his latest trick. Can you figure it out? Do you care how he does it? 



This is one that we will all accept as a trick but explaining it might not be so easy. Dynamo appears to be levitating next to the bus as he grabs on for a little population. The bus ride went past some of the most iconic landmarks London has to offer and had many with their mouths gaping in amazement.

Confession time, this stunt was part of a Pepsi. Yes, yes I know! Big industry sticking its nose in where it doesn’t belong and running it for everyone. Pepsi however, where not the only killjoys on this ride, thank you YouTube commentators you take that prize.

YouTube commentators were quick to explain exactly how it was done and ridicule anyone who was amazed. Unhappy people want company, I know! A little piece of advice though, if you know how they did it, keep it to yourself! Some of us enjoy a good show, regardless of the mechanics.

Not that it really matters now, but I’m giving this one a Guts!!

How old are you?

I answered 25, well Jonah Rocks is eight, yes 8! So what’s so impressive about Jonah Rocks being 8? Well let’s start from the beginning do you play an instrument? Yes. Do you play it well? Not really. Well Jonah Rocks plays drums, correction Jonah Rocks kills at playing drums! Don’t believe me? Think that he plays well for an 8 year old, but that he isn’t that good? Well take a look for yourself…


Yes you heard that right, that was Drowning Pool – Bodies played by an 8 year old! Not only did he play it well, it is difficult to say that the original was any better than his. Better than the original is also the brand new Guts casino codes. Get yours here!

His skill however is not where the amazing qualities of Jonah end! This 8 year old self-taught drummer has never had a lesson, and plays songs as he hears them, and how he thinks they should sound. With only 1 - 2 hours per week playing drums and a perfect ear for music, Jonah has a bright future.

Jonah, you have insane talent and this is an easy Guts! You are my new hero and I really need to pick up my game and dust off that guitar in the back of my cupboard!

The United Nations is meant to a beacon for truth and justice worldwide, however I can’t help thinking that the answer is with our children and not out of touch old men. I know, a little more serious than you are used to but you will not regret watching this one…



Hannah Neleson is a 16 year old girl from Northern Ireland. This address was held at the Waterfront Hall ahead of the G8 summit. Her impassioned speech is undeniably touching and it leaves you wondering why does it take a 16 year old to say this? Why are not our world leaders putting up their hands to consider issues that really affecting their people?

“I want to live in a country where it is not my religion that is important, but my value as a person that is significant.” Shades of Martin Luther King’s “I had a dream” calling for people to be judged by the content of their character rather than the colour of their skin.

This one is easy, Hanna you get a big thumbs up and Guts verdict from us. Keep up the good work and maybe one day we will see you not just as a visitor but a member of the G8, a member willing and able to pursue change.

Yes another one out of the heart of mother Russia, don’t we just love our Russians. However, this one is going to have you saving one what a guy, rather than dame Russians be crazy. It was a sunny day when this guy got a visitor from an unlikely source…



A fox is more likely to run away from any sign of human than to even think about approaching two humans for help. However, knowing it was in a bit of a pickle this fox walks up to two Russians guys after it gets its head stuck in a jar.

Yes curiosity almost killed the… um fox (close enough). One of the guys though leans down and pulls the fox’s head out of the jar. The fox is immediately off towards the safety of the tree line, pausing just before it to take a look back at its rescuers. One of the guys do, however sarcastically ask, “Where’s the thank you?”

Although it is sad that this beauty of Mother Nature was put in this position, it is undeniable that this guy deserves a Guts verdict all the way. Who needs to hunt a fox when you can save a fox’s life!

Imagine putting together the single greatest Halloween costume of all time, what would the costume be? Yup, I answered an Iron Man suit too and so did Chris Miller. He then decided to put together, not just any Iron Man Halloween costume, but the greatest, most realistic Iron Man suit ever created… well that I know of!



I think you can agree that the brilliant Mr. Miller really did outdo himself with this one…We're dishing out a Guts bonus for this one, that's for sure!



That however is only beginning of the story, and what Chris Miller does with the suit when it is not being used as a Halloween costume is the real story. It all started with a Reddit post from Gr8whtd0pe, who claims to be a friend of Miller’s, which went viral with more than 28,000 upvotes.

So what was everyone so interested in? Well Chris Miller was putting on the suit and visiting Children’s hospitals! If you are as heart warmed as I am, you are also imagining being that age and seeing Iron Man coming down the hall to visit you.

Chris Miller, you are a stand-up guy and you get the Guts badge of honour for bravery and giving the flame of five year old me a little oxygen!



Don’t be fooled by the title, this mother is not a witch, this mother is a hero and a badass. Let’s set the scene a knife wielding madman jumps out and tries to highjack you with your two kids in the back of the car, what do you do? Go…



Okay so did you think about you would have done? Well here is what Texas mother of two, Dorothy Baker-Flugence did! As the dumb ass hijacker tried to put the knife to Dorothy’s throat, she rammed the car into a pole, hoping that he would fly through the windshield… she didn’t stop there though, and her super mom started to show itself!

After not flying through the windshield, Dorothy punched him in the face ripped the knife from his hand and threw him out of the car! Then she realised that he may be able to do this to someone else, mmm… what to do? Yes that’s right she ran him over with her car!

Still wondering where the witch part came in? Well in an interview after the face Dorothy explained her actions against the would be hijacker stating, "I told him, he messed with the wrong witch," I wasn’t sure what she meant either, but it does make a great title don’t you think?

Let’s not forget about the verdict, all together now Guts! You were going for Nuts weren’t you? ;)


Most of us have been on a plane and had to sit through the mundane safety announcements from the captain. A South African airline is doing things differently in an attempt to engage passengers and maybe even get a laugh or two…



Kulula Airways is a low cost South African airline that has become known for the out of the ordinary marketing, and fun and interesting ways of engaging customers. The clip is taken by a passenger of one of their flights as the captain is giving his safety announcements.

The captain explains that Kulula has the best looking flight attendants in the industry, but, due to roster problems they were unable to be on this flight. This light hearted start is the introduction to one of the funniest safety announcements I have ever heard. The captain, who turns out to be a master of accents, connects to a large range of South African social groups.

I have always enjoyed companies that make the effort and endeavour to really give their customers one of a kind service. As a result I am going to give the captain, flight attendants and marketing geniuses at Kulula an honorary Guts!

When most are celebrating their 102nd birthday they are doing so in an old age home with an oxygen mask with someone else blowing out your candles. However, for this 102 year old granny age is just a number and she is going to make use of every birthday she can…



I have said it before and I’ll say it again… you don’t stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing. For this truly inspiring grandmother it seems to never been truer. She is taking life by the horns and enjoying every moment.  

The 102 year old took to a bridge in Idaho in the United States to celebrate another year of sticking it to the man… do people still say that? The tandem base jump seems truly hair raising leaving me with the unenviable task of asking… would I have the Guts to pull off something like that on 102nd birthday? Scratch that! Would I have the Guts to go out today and do it?

Happy birthday you crazy granny you are an inspiration to all of us to never give up on going after adventure. As for the verdict, Guts Guts and more Guts!