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The protests in Istanbul, Turkey have for the most part garnered world-wide media coverage. I know… not exactly a feel good story but the bravery of one woman is without doubt worth sharing. This picture has been shared world-wide and has quickly become a symbol of resistance for the people of Turkey.


Lady in the Red Dress


The picture has become known as the Lady in the Red Dress and just looking at you can see that she is not the militant brick throwing protestor you would expect, in fact she looks like she was probably on her way to lunch with friends. However, if she was expecting to have a nice lunch with friends she would be sorely mistaken.

An unnamed faceless member of Istanbul’s riot police felt so threaten by the Lady in the Red Dress that, he proceeded to douse her, head to toe, in pepper spray. The woman made an effort to turn her head, but as someone who has experienced pepper spray I can guarantee you she must have been in pain for days.

The woman, Ceyda Sungur is the unlikeliest of heroines and when asked about her picture personifying the Turkish people’s struggle she was, to say the least, humble. This one is an easy Guts! She took a pepper spray bath, still managed to look great and started global recognition of the country’s struggle.

Some of the most inspirational stories often come from individuals who have had to overcome incredible obstacles to achieve what they have. You don't if you're looking for this Guts casino promotion code, but let's stay on it. For Regas Woods, also known as “”Legz” this could not be more true. The bilateral above the knee amputee is simply amazing…



Woods list of achievements are numerous and each is amazing then the next:

  • The fastest bilateral above the knee amputee in the world and an ATV stunt rider
  • He has earned features on TV show Superbikes, 2Wheel Tuner Magazine and Super Street Bike Magazine
  • He works as a full time O&P technician at a Prosthetics & Orthotics
  • He has competed at the Paralympic level in the 100m and 200m events
  • He is the founder of the Never Say Never foundation

Woods is more achieved, more inspiring and more active than any able bodied individual I have ever met. The verdict as a result for me is a simple Guts! Keep it Legz, you are doing an amazing job!

Yes yes yes I know it’s an old one! The 1992 Barcelona Olympic 400 meter semi-final went from being a competitive race between some of the best athletes of their generation, to an inspirational masterpiece that would transcend his career and become the benchmark for the human spirit.



Derek Redmond had made it to the semi-final of the 400 meter race in Barcelona. Redmond was a serious contender to take the Gold Medal and seemed to be peaking at just the right time. As the athletes took their place at the blocks and waited for the starters gun to off no one could have guessed what would happen next.

Redmond got off to a great start until it all went horribly wrong for him on the back straight. The British athlete had tour his hamstring and he was out of the race. That however was not the end of it! Embodying the very essence of the famed Olympic spirit Redmond picked himself up and limping along completed the race to deafening applause from the crowd.

I come across this video every couple of years and every time the hairs on the back of my neck stick up and I can feel a tear developing. Redmond you have probably heard this a million times, you have Guts, Guts or Nuts maybe I should change it to Redmond or Nuts.

If you are sitting on the couch in front of the TV, you might want to go pretend to get ready for a run before you read this one. Ben Baltz, 11 and Connor Long, 9 are two inspirational triathletes that are showing everyone that nothing is impossible and that I really need to get off the couch and go for a run.



That’s right, Ben Baltz is an 11 year old cancer survivor! That’s no enough you say? He also had his right leg amputated. Still not enough? Well Ben doesn’t think so either that is why he has taken to competing in triathlons! This kid is amazing, but that’s not all…

Connor Long is a 9 year old triathlete! He is not a cancer survivor and he has full function of both his legs. So what makes this 9 year old so amazing? Well Connor has a brother with Cerebral Palsy. To help his brother feel more normal, Connor takes his brother along with him during his triathlons.

This 9 year old drags a raft behind him during the swim, pulls him in a wagon during the cycle and pushes him in the wagon during the run. Okay I think that’s a tear! Verdict? Guts!

You don’t stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing. This 56 year old has taken that to heart and has become what could possibly be the oldest skateboarder ever. I hear you asking is he the real deal? It's as real as our Guts bonus! Why don’t you take a look for yourself…



Neal Unger, known to his fans simply as the “The Dude”, is a 56 year skating legend. He is not the most talented but he never gives up and I don’t see him stopping any time soon. Yes, a little weepy I know but I tend to get teary eyed when I see the amazing from a person twice my age.

Back to the video, “The Dude” pulls off a perfect, and I mean perfect, kickflip to start. Then a bit of showing of his control and the moves on to a fingerflip that would make any amateur skater proud, and yes that’s right this guy is 56 years old and still ripping it.

“The Dude” this is a very easy verdict, you have Guts and I feel lazy watching your amazing feat of skill. So to “The Dude”, we salute you!

In a world where first world countries spend millions on developing sports stars, it is an ever present mystery how third world countries continue to produce some of the most distinguished athletes of all time.



This Kenyan high school is the very definition of third world with only two upright pieces of wood holding up the horizontal. This high jump master class shows how even under the most basic conditions you can train champions. The title of “Amazing Kenyan High School High Jump” is as a result as relevant a title as I have ever heard. Worthy of a Guts bonus if anything!

The video shows high jumper, after high jumper not only easily clear the staggering height, but not even needing a mat to land safely on? AMAZING! The last time I tried high jump I thought the mat was too hard – first world problems I know! 

Africa has not had the easiest of histories yet through an unwavering spirit has managed to drive the most amazing achievements. The verdict is as a result a very easy Guts, Africa you got skills and I respect you for never giving up.

Claude Moshiywa, a 39-year-old South African marathon runner has won the 2013 edition of the Comrades Marathon. Moshiywa’s win ends the two decade foreign stranglehold on the up run with the emphatic victory.



Moshiywa completed the course in five hours, 32 minutes, 08 seconds to secure a historic victory. The clearly overcome athlete collapsed at the finish after winning what many consider to be the toughest marathon run in the world.

The runner described his final moments of the race stating, "I was so excited when I reached the final stretch and it means a lot to have done it after so many years."

The 90km Ultramarathon was established in 1921 and alternates between the up and down runs between Durban and Pietermaritzburg. The 2013 addition was an up run that started in Durban with the finish in Pitermartizburg.  

Okay so to recap, the 39-year-old smashed the 90km run… 39? That really is amazing and Moshiywa you make me feel very lazy! You my friend have Guts!

When most people think about a journey around Britain it’s unlikely that they would have been imagined doing it like this.



The GB Row is a rowing challenge during which crew’s race around Britain, a 2,000 mile (3,220km) journey. The race is born from a group of four 4 who endeavoured to set a world record by rowing nonstop around Britain. Since then it has become an annual challenge, with the 2013 edition set to be the most enticing yet.

The record for completing the course currently stands at 26 days, 21 hours and 14 minutes. For the 2013 edition, race organisers have offered £15,000 to the winners, and £100,000 to the crew that breaks the record.

Spending just under 27 days in a boat rowing 2,000 miles is well insane but it requires true Guts. The 6 crews that are endeavouring to undertake this challenge have my best wishes and the verdict is therefore a unanimous Guts!

Red Bull has become synonymous with amazing sporting achievements. With the help of a Russian, yes it’s the crazy Russians again, extreme sport star Valery Rozov (48) they have done it again.



Mount Everest has been associated throughout history with the persistence and grit of the human spirit. After four days of trekking up the highest mountain in the world Rozov flew off the north face and set the world’s highest BASE jump.

The 7220 meter, 23,688 feet above sea level jump lasted nearly a full minute with Rozov reaching speeds of nearly 200 km/h or 125 mph. The jump was a challenge because of the high altitude and thin air. This resulted in Rozov taking far longer than usual to transition from his freefall to flying. However the jump went perfectly as he landing safely on Rongbuk glacier.

The verdict is a very easy Guts! Valery Rozov you have pulled off something truly death defying, breath-taking and inspiring. Crazy Russians we salute you again as you continue to make us amazed and sometimes even amused.

Yes we are in good old Russia again, and the destination is a disused cooling tower that has been turned in an adrenaline junkies’ wet dream.



I like to think that this is a relic from the Soviet Union that has been transformed into something that can be enjoyed. However there is no real evidence of that so we are left with a group of insane Russian friends sitting up at the top of a cooling tower.

Three… two… one… and the first Russian is off, three… two… one… number two goes off the side, three, four and five follow in quick succession, although I doubt they jumped that closely together. They plummet to the ground and the white backdrop of the snow comes into view… they kind of makes me think it must have been freezing waiting up there.

All in all each mans, there might have been a woman or two in there, adrenaline fuelled experience last for only a few seconds. The experience is however one that I am would be happy to strap on I try for myself. The verdict though, with the makeshift safety gear and probably freezing weather, yup these Russians are Nuts!