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A man visits a Toronto mall and finds it shut, unlike most people he finds this most disturbing and endeavours to find out why it’s closed… loudly!



He wants to go shopping in the East Centre, that’s all he wants to do. He wants to by what right they exclude the population. This man just wants to buy some stuff from the mall. Till then he is going to lead his one man protest till he gets what he wants.

The fun however is just starting, kids being kids they see it as their duty to mock crazy old people. The kid in question runs to the window and mimes the crazy man’s plea by banging comically on the window. Then the crazy old man decides to focus his attention on the cameraman.

The cameraman points at that it is a private place to which the man does not react well. This man, and the verdict for this clip, is plan and simply Nuts, although Nuts just doesn’t really seem to cut it.    

Once upon a time in a land called Germany, a German man stripped down in freezing cold weather to attempt to jump into a frozen pool. The results? Hilarious!



After a fair amount of build this German individual gets ready to jump into a frozen pool, breaking through the ice and landing into the pool. My first question? If it’s cold enough for the pool to be frozen over what is this man doing outside in his underpants getting ready to jump into a freezing cold pool.

The man jumps he’s in the air he might… go… all… the… oh wait no he smashed into the ice and looked like he hurt himself. As his friend burst out in laughter, this masterpiece becomes a viral masterpiece.

Yes I think you guessed this, the verdict is a resounding you are one Nuts German. Although he is most definitely a nutcase the fact remains his has quickly become and internet sensation with just the version his channel being viewed 25,800,000 times.

YouTube has convinced me that Russians are a truly insane individuals, with some of the most daring and insane stunts originating in the motherland. This one specifically is one of the most amazing rope swings I have ever seen.



With the desolate backdrop of post-communist Russian flats and snow this group of Russians get ready to pull off the amazing. With a short countdown the big push is over and the lucky individual is hurtling through the air screaming their lungs out. The seemingly perfect preparation results in the swing running perfectly through between two blocks of flats.

The first thing I thought when I saw this clip? Hold my beer, it’s my turn! Although this looks amazingly fun, the clips Russian origins begs the questions how well did they plan this and did they plan the distances and the ropes weight bearing thresholds.

The verdict is as a result an easy, you be Nuts you crazy Russians. I do however look forward to your next attempt at the amazing!

I have a theory, in a sport as esoteric as skateboarding, the greatest among the flock are known to only a few. William Spencer is not well known, but should he be?



The introduction to this clip is, to say the least, disturbing. It is a glimpse into the strange mind of William Spencer, a man that might just be the most inventive skateboarder of our time. However, once the sounds of “You give love a bad name” by Bon Jovi kick in the show starts, and what a show it is.

From transferring from one board to another, to landing a ten foot drop with two boards stacked on top of each other. In a sport where huge events like the X Games were supposed to bring out the best and the most creative, clips like this with truly great skaters keep surfacing. Spencer however leaves the best for last landing a forward flip down a flight of stairs on to a skateboard and riding it out. Show your Guts on the go by getting the latest Guts mobile casino coupon codes here!

As for the verdict? It is difficult to ascertain the line between brilliance and insanity, but Spencer’s mercurial nature through the clip gives me no doubt of his insanity. That’s right this is a Nuts. However, any X Games winner that calls himself the greatest needs to first challenge William Spencer.

Young Maddison takes her shot at YouTube fame with her attempt at an epic stunt. This girl is born for YouTube and she owns the stage whenever she is on the camera.



Her stunt is to run and jump onto her couch! The stunt however goes horribly wrong when she slips off the couch and face plants the floor. Yes, yes I know not the epic stunt you were promised but what caught my eye about this clip is how Maddison takes it like a man. Guts like that is worthy of a Guts bonus indeed!

When she face plants she doesn’t scream or cry she takes a pillow holds it to her face and takes a minute to collect her thoughts. My favourite part? She comes to the camera and instead of being in tears, which I would be… maybe screaming like a girl too, she bids her viewers goodbye.

Maddison you get a Guts in my book! Don’t be discouraged, keep safe and I hope to see many more additions to your YouTube career.

The 1900s were the birth of boxing and bare knuckle boxing was the order of the day! Fisticuffs, coming to Guts on June 25th, is a boxing themed video slot with a 100,000 coin jackpot.



This 5-reel, 10-line video slot is a reminder of the insanity that is bare knuckle boxing and the individuals who still partake. The slot features a re-spin Wild feature that leaves Wild combinations up, leaving the possibility of huge wins on your next spin.

The theme is carried through with fun animation of a skinny boxer taking a crack at a much larger, much rounder competitor, yes Nuts is exactly what I was thinking too. In combination with the fun sound effects, Fisticuffs is sure to be a great addition, with hours of fun to be had.

Check it out for yourself with a Guts casino bonus that will pack a proper punch on its own!

Don’t forget about bare knuckle boxing though! Yup that’s right I’m going to go with guts on this one. Bare knuckle boxing is an extreme sport and takes a special type of crazy to partake in.

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If you thought that motorcyclists were organ donors you haven’t seen this video! This guy is just inviting disaster to his door with some of the most hair-raising motorcycle stunts I have come across.



The clip starts with him just chilling on the side of his bike watching the person who is filming him. Take him out and put him on the couch and his demeanour will not have changed. This however only seems to move him to test the boundaries of insanity and try something else.

The guy then proceeds to show his gymnastic skills as he balances on the tank of his bike on his hands. With some impressive balance he manages to stay there as he cruises down the highway at breakneck speed!

This, however talented his skills, is a simple matter of completely and utterly Nuts! This guy is inviting insanity into his life and just asking for the smoke and fire that comes with disaster. Nuts it is!

So you think you know how to skip? You don’t! Watch Adrienn Banhegyi show you how it’s done. She’s known as the jump rope girl and it’s not difficult to see why!



Banhegyi doesn’t just come with amazing skills, she comes with the credentials too. She performs with Cirque de Soleil, and holds two world records for jump roping! She is no joke and her skills are flat out insane.

The clip, filmed by our friend of epicness Devin Supertramp, shows Banhegyi performing her amazing skipping skills in some amazing locations. She looks like a female soccer player but that doesn’t stop her from pulling of amazing move after amazing move!

Some of might be thinking, I can do that – hold my beer, well… you cant. Skills like this take years to develop, so Adrienn you have my respect as well as my Guts vote for this one.

Well know BMX rider and film maker, Rich Forne, puts his body on the line to pull off some of the most impressive wall riding ever filmed.



So often we see when BMX riders pull off their tricks, very rarely do we get to see the pain and frustration they put themselves through to achieve perfection. Forne and his team begin the action with some of the gnarliest BMX crashes I have ever seen.

One thing is clear though, Forne is not giving up and he keeps pushing till we get to see some of the most inventive amazing wall riding around. It doesn’t matter what the obstacle is, he jumps rides and grinds over anything in his path.

Just for not only going through those crashes but posting them in the first half of this clip, Rich you are completely Nuts. You wall riding is amazing and I watched this clip again and again with my mouth wide open, but it’s got be Nuts on this one.

Some of us have pet cats, Kevin Richardson has pet lions, only probably is these big cats aren’t tame, these big cats are as wild as they come.



Kevin is an animal behaviourist and according to this news reporter doesn’t believe in observing his subjects from the safety of behind the fences. The image of this man hugging and playing with these massive animals that are perfectly adapted to killing is a truly amazing site.

There is a moment towards the end of the clip where three full grown female lions “play” with Kevin and even the reporter feels uncomfortable asking if he is okay. He seems unconcerned and even states that this is what they always do!

In the interview Kevin hints that it he were to be killed by the lions and was given the chance to come back that, he would do it all again. Mr Richardson, you my friend or completely and utterly Nuts. There is a fine line between balls of steel and shit for brains and you sir seem to be heavily leaning to one side!