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First the NBA and then the world! 11 year old basketball child prodigy, Jayshawn Augusto is an insanely talented basketball player that has his eyes on playing in the NBA.



This fifth grader is like no other training from 4 to 8 o’clock. Dribbling, shooting and playing two on one against his brother and his friend.  He trains harder than most professional athletes and is his professional attitude is paying off! You can get big pay offs as well with the latest Guts sports promotion - get it here!

It’s not only his training though, Jayshawn’s VO2 max is off the charts, meaning he has an insanely efficient body allowing him to run more efficiently than an average individual. Basketball is not all he’s good at though. Jayshawn runs a 4 minute 50 second mile, faster than any other 11 year old and he is set to break the world record shortly.

Jayshawn your workout ethic is Nuts, but your mad skill and determination to succeed is pure Guts. Well done young man!

From Parkour to martial arts and even a skateboarding, this man might just be the most talented individual on the face of the planet.



From the time he wakes up from his mattress on the floor this guy eats (although you never see him eating), breathes and sleeps perfection! He starts off with a little Parkour making gravity his…

Next he moves onto martial arts with amazing feats of athleticism and perfect form. Then he amazes further by showing his skills with a skateboard and by this point you truly feel that this man is capable of absolutely anything.

From this point, no matter how small the skill, stacking dice with a cup or running up and along walls he pulls it off with ease. To end? He pulls off an insane combination of movements to get ready for bed and then sets down to sleep.

Nuts or Guts? Or maybe both, because he could anything you asked of him and more. Most of us wish we could master one skill, this guy wakes up and decides what skill to master next!

Who needs the NBA when you have the guys from Dude Perfect and the Frisbee throwing magician Brodie!



This group of insane trick shot specialists embark on a basketball versus Frisbee trick shot exhibition. Taking turns, they start of small with a simple baseline to baseline shot which the promptly sink and so the action moves on.

The action heats up when they use an indoor football field and slowly increase the distance of the basket. Both the basketball and Frisbee trick shot experts make it look easy as they sink shot after shot.

When the action moves on the insane turns into the overboard as the battle competitors try to outdo each other. It’s unclear as to who wins the competition, but one thing is clear there is amazing skill shown and a great time had by all.

These guys are completely and utterly nuts, but their skill is undeniable!

When Jay Leno set about pranking Will and Monifa with one his regulars, Pumpcast News, he could not have been expecting the TV gold he would find.



The prank revolved around actor Tim Stack pretending to be a new anchor on a service station TV and startles customers by taking to them directly Stark starting talking to Will and soon found out that he was a fan of karaoke.

This inevitably ended up with Will performing an impromptu cover of Bon Jovi, living on a pray. He proceeds to blow everyone away with a great performance with a very embarrassed wife in the front seat of his car.

This is my new favourite couple and my vote is definitely Guts, they take the opportunity and have now been invited to perform on the tonight show.

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There are a few skaters who come along and change the sport forever! First there was Tony Hawk and now an unknown Japanese street skater, with some of the most inventive and extreme tricks the sport has ever seen.



The first thing that catches my eye is that none of the outtakes of the skater eating concrete have been removed. This leaves a raw, personal look at a skater’s highs and lows as he conquers the city.

In true Japanese style, the video is weird combination of amazing skating with jumps cuts to random images and a last half minute of utter confusion for the viewer. If there wasn’t the addition of the amazing skating, by what could possibly be one of the greatest street skaters of the modern era, I would say that the video itself is an avant-garde masterpiece.

Answering the question of whether he is guts or nuts? I am going to have to go with nuts! He seems to have no regard for his health and the thought process behind this piece of avant-garde filmmaking must take a man with at least one or two screws loose.

All in all, I salute you random Japanese street skater you are truly a skating master.

When the Thursday evening Dodge Ball enthusiasts gathered at Kean University, they had no idea they were about to witness greatness.



The action starts when our unnamed hero takes a break and exits out the door on the right of the screen. When he comes back his super powers are charged to the max and his is ready to show off some of those powers.

He slowly makes his way through the crowd making sure to avoid the dodge balls whizzing past him. He then spots his opening makes his gravity defying dodge and plants his dodge ball squarely into the face of his victim. The crowd erupts in amazement as his antics make him an instant YouTube sensation.

I came across this video and could not stop playing it again and again and you guessed it… again. He has Guts for sure!

A mugger got more than bargained for when he decided to try and force his way into Kent Hendrix neighbours house. Little did he know that Hendrix is the Mormon Samurai.



Let’s just take a minute here to appreciate how awesome this man is. Not only does he have the same name as the greatest guitarist of all time, he is a Martial Arts expert and owns a collection of showrd including a 29-inch carbon steel Samurai sword.

Back to the story in question…

Hendrix was alerted by his son that his neighbour was screaming because a mugger was trying force his way into the house. A fourth-degree black belt in the Kishindo, he grabbed his 29-inch carbon steel Samurai sword and ran out to confront the mugger.  

Taken completely aback, the robber later identified as 37-year-old Grant Eggertsen high tailed it out of there without a second thought. His run in with Hendrix seemed to have a lasting impression on Eggertsen as only an hour later he handed himself into the police.

If I saw the Kishindo expert running at me with a 29-inch sword I have no doubt that I would be heading in the opposite direction as quick as possible. Guts or Nuts? Mr Hendrix, I take my hat off to you sir you have Guts!


Evel Knievel would bow down and worship at the insanity that is Robbie Maddison.



Robbie Maddison is a motorcycle daredevil that is known for breaking records and coming up with some of the most mind blowing stunts ever. In the church of insanity Robbie Maddison is the lord himself and he is here to spread his insanity and inspire a new generation of daredevils.

The Arche d’ Triomphe jump in front of the Paris Las Vegas is one of Maddision’s most iconic jumps and like so many other insane moments, Red Bull was there to give a helping hand. The jump was straight up 29 meters, or ten stories landing on a space no bigger than an average size carport.

The landing consisted of a 24 meter drop back to earth to complete the trick that left my mouth wide open. The daredevil extraordinaire performed the trick with no ropes and barely any safety gear.

Guts or Nuts? I am about as conflicted as I have ever been. On the one hand he must have had balls the size of grapefruits to even attempt this, on the other hand what sane human being would attempt this insanity?

There are freerunners and then there is Brandon McCuien.



This gravity defying footage of Brandon McCuien is from the 2011 LoopKicks event, a showcase for the world’s greatest freerunners. The crowd echoes my reactions to Brandon’s seemingly spring loaded legs as he rockets skywards for double and maybe even a triple flip or two.

The frantic movement seems to be endless as his springs from move to move as my eyes grow wider and my mouth opens wider.

With the introduction of the music timed perfectly for his landing and taking off it becomes a truly entertaining clip. I was riveted for the full clip and found myself going back again and again with my mouth open in disbelief at Brandon’s athleticism.  

Brandon is known as one of the greatest freerunners the sport has ever seen and it isn’t too hard to see why. With an abundance of skill it is difficult not to envy his skill and answering the questions of is he Nuts or does he have Guts? Guts it is!

Valparaiso, Chile is the location of arguably the most extreme downhill bike races in the world.



The Valparaiso Cerro Abajo Race is a legendary, almost mythical downhill race held in the city of Valparaiso, Chile. The race consists of extreme downhills, crazy jumps and tight bends, and is represented with riders from all around the world.

The unique element of this race is it’s held on the streets of Valparaiso with riders often having to dodge stray dogs and inquisitive children. Looking at the helmet cam footage shows, in frightening detail, how riders are on the edge of disaster for the entire race.

Just watching the clip makes my adrenaline pumping and my thoughts of competing running. However, a quick YouTube search for Valparaiso Cerro Abajo Race crashes quickly cures me on my temporary insanity.  

To riders in this race you have my utmost respect and I look forward to seeing this year’s offering of hair-raising clips.