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The surfers wet dream? Riding a 90-foot perfect wave formed by Tsunami weather!



This wave looks more like a moving mountain than a wave! The attempt to have anything to do with this wave other than running in the opposite direction screaming like a little girl is insanity.

That however, didn’t stop big wave rider, Garrett McNamara and his support team from going where few others would dare. This 90-foot whopper was filmed off the coast of Nazare, Portugal with the city making a truly beautiful backdrop.

McNamara and his support staff use a jet ski to get the surfer in the perfect position to take off on the journey of a lifetime. When he does thousands of pounds of force generated by the wave propel him along at ever increasing speeds.

The cost for wiping out on a wave like this? Undoubtedly death! Yet the reward is one too beautiful and too indescribable for big wave surfers like McNamara to turn away from.

When it comes to extreme sports, nothing gets the blood pumping like base jumping and soring the skies with a wingsuit!


This extraordinarily dangerous extreme sport is retained for only the most insane of the adrenaline junkies. Jeb Corliss has made a life and a career out of chasing the free fall, chasing the adrenaline rush that only comes from being only centimetres from death.

Corliss has become one of the foremost BASE jumpers over 14 years of jumping from monuments the world over. His career has including death defying jumps from:

  • Eiffel Tower
  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Angel Falls in Venezuela
  • Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • A half-mile deep cave in China

However, it hasn’t been a dream career with a near death experience after a jump from Table Mountain that ended in disaster. Wingsuiting down the mountain Corliss smashed into a rock outcrop and was sent to the hospital in a critical condition.

Lesson learnt? NO! As soon as he was out of the hospital Corliss was getting ready to jump again. The definition of insanity? Yes, although the video is a work of art, NUTS is the obvious conclusion.

If you are a fan of guns, explosions and insane Russians then the popular YouTube channel FPSRussia is for you!



The show revolves around Dmitri Potapoff a Russian obsessed with all things that involve firearms and explosions. In actual fact the thick accented Potapoff is the all American Kyle Myers playing the role of the Russian gun fanatic.

Each episode involves Myers reviewing a new firearm, from revolvers to 50cal rifles and flamethrowers. It then degrades into an all-out explosive extravaganza with zombie targets, huge explosions and messy paint can exploding demonstrations.   

This guy definitely has some Guts. Check out our promotion page and find the best Guts promo codes and show your Guts!

With his signature tagline, Meyers ends each episode telling his viewers to “Have nice day!” Meyers’ insane Russian character is a whirling good time to watch, however Nuts is about the only description worth applying to the insanity!

When a crazy woman stops superstar Michael Buble, the audience has no idea that they are about to watch a Guts or Nuts choice from a 15 year old boy.



Michael Buble is famous for his informal concerts, taking the time to give a personal experience to each and every one of his audience. However, I don’t think he even expected Sam’s pushy Mom taking control and getting her son his chance in the spotlight.

“Holy Shit Ballz Mom”, is Michael’s reaction and I think everyone in the audience had a similar reaction. In that split second 15 year old Sam had an option suck it up and have the guts to take his chance. Guts or Nuts? I am going to have to go with Guts!


Subculture, global movement or complete and utter insanity?



Parkour is the practise of moving quickly and efficiently through their environment using only their bodies and their surroundings to propel themselves, negotiating obstacles in between. They try to maintain as much momentum as possible without being unsafe.

Yes, this is a horribly academic description of an amazing global movement that has taken the world by storm! Their level of insanity is only eclipsed by the beauty and ease of their movements. As a sport Parkour has always fascinated me, the fact that the dreary wrestling is an Olympic sport and Parkour isn’t, is a travesty!    

The only thing better than watching Parkour done well? Is watching Parkour done badly! A quick YouTube search of Parkour fails, will supply hours of rip-roaring laughter and entertainment.

The Atacama Desert is a plateau in South America, covering a 600-mile (1,000km), the dessert is one of few deserts on Earth that doesn't receive any rain. The Atacama Crossing? This is where things get interesting! The Atacama Crossing is an annual trail running race that involves crossing the dessert, on foot and unaided.


Atacama Crossing


The fascination with crossing uninhabited wastelands has also baffled me. These men and woman risk life and limb to be able to say they did something, bring on the super trike you can keep your dessert.

The race consists of 7 days, covering 150 miles (250km) crossing what is widely held as the driest place on earth. The race is represented by competitors from 40 countries and is 1 of 4 of such events that are held in the most desolate places on earth.

The four other race locations include:

  • The Sahara
  • The Gobi
  • Antarctica

The four locations are probably at the very bottom of my list of places to go before I die. I have the utmost respect for the fitness and mental fortitude it must take for these competitors to make these crossing. However, this one you can count me out of!

Stan Lee, the genius behind Spiderman is unlikely to have ever thought that Spidey was actually Ukrainian!


Real-life Spiderman


The 26-year-old nutcase goes by the name “Mustang Wanted” and has gained popularity online for the amazing pictures of his daredevil antics. His mind-blowingly dangerous exploits have earned him the nickname the “real-life Spiderman”, a nickname that I think Mr. Lee would be proud be bestow himself.


Real-life Spiderman 2


The real-life Spidey is often seen hanging off building with one hand or balancing precariously atop the tinniest of ledges. All his exploits of are captured in perfect HD excellence that will ever immortalize his insanity.

Mustang Wanted is for me a complete head case, however I cannot deny his skill and ability to pick beautiful locations that transforms his insanity into something truly beautiful.   

The humble trike was but a few years ago a simple kid’s toy, that was however until Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus got hold of it.



The days of it being a boring child’s toy are gone and all that remains is adrenaline pumping madness.

Although Travis Pastrana, FMX legend, and Nitro Circus have used their super trikes as insane flip and trick machines. The madmen in this clip use their trikes as drifting demons that seem to defy the laws of nature and drift across tarmac like its water.

The first thing that catches my eye? The complete nutcase not wearing any shoes as he flies down the complete unforgiving stretch of tarmac. One thing is for sure, it looks like a really good time and the pros in this clip make it look easy. Maybe I should start getting one of my own super trike together…

The first time a BMX rider landed the double backflip the triple has become lore within the action sports community. From helmet camera to multiple angles the feat was captured perfectly in all its brilliance.



If you thought that only rugby players came from New Zealand, Jed Mildon, extreme sports legend would want to have a word for you. The reason for his legend, two words, “Triple Backflip”!

Mildon stuck the landing perfectly after three perfectly executed backflips.

  • The location: the Unit T3 Mindtricks BMX Jam in Taupo.  
  • The ramp: a 20m (66ft) high super-ramp carved into a hillside that flowed through a 3.6m (11ft) high super-kicker to Mildon's purpose-built Mega-Megabox landing.

In a flash Mildon was through the ramp and if you blinked you would have missed those three perfectly executed backflips and only caught his perfectly stuck return to earth.

In the animation Up a grumpy old man uses hundreds of helium filled balloons to lift his house to a faraway destination. Well South African Matt Silver Vallance, 37 has taken up the mantel to raise money for the Nelson Mandela children’s hospital.


Up Style helium balloon stunt


Vallance flew his helium balloon contraption from Robben Island, the prison that Nelson Mandela was incarcerated, to Cape Town. The stuntman wearing a wetsuit and custom made harness with 160 balloons attached to it, flew above shark-infested waters to complete the stunt.

The around 6km trip took around an hour and was not short of drama as Vallance’s rig went through a time of uncontrollable lift, during which he reached 1000 meters. Vallance used a combination of a sharp stick and BB gun to descend and regain control.