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Who killed Kenny? A slot machine you say? He scored a big win you say?

Check out how you can grab a healthy Guts bonus and win big!

You have watched the hit TV programme and now you can play the slot. Yes I did just start off this post with possibly the cheesiest line ever written… maybe a comment or two on what line could have been cheesier? However, the South Park™ video slot coming to Guts is exciting and seeing my favourite characters up to their old tricks as a win, game ON!



South Park™ is a 5-reel, 325-line video slot filled with zany, fun features that will have you laughing and reciting your favourite South Park™ quote. Free Spins, Wild substitutions, Sticky Wilds, Bonus Games and 3 mini-features are in store when this one hits the shelves.

The South Park™ video slot will be live at Guts on the 24 September, and as we will be offering great promotions and a truck load of Free Spins with no wagering to Guts members. So don’t “you rack disciprine” and delay, look forward to what is going to be the biggest release of the year.

We award an honorary Guts badge of honour to the great minds behind this masterpiece. Bring on September!

Setting the scene; a woman is standing on a train platform in JR Minami-Urawa station, just north of Tokyo, Japan when a lapse is concentration and balance sees her fall down an 8-inch gap between the train and the platform. She is trapped with on way to get out and with the constant threat of the train moving off she is in trouble. So what do the onlookers do?



Yes that’s right they push over a 32-tin train just enough to pull the woman free! The incident happened during rush hour on Monday morning and, as luck would have it, was captured by a photo journalist that just happened to be waiting on the platform, no graining, out of focus smartphones pictures here.

The feat sounds super human but because the train works on a suspension system, the 40 onlookers/passengers were able to shift the train just enough to get the woman out. Now to the amazing efficiency of Japan and her people – the train was back on its route with a mere eight-minute delay! No delay in the Guts bonus sports however, credited instantly!     

What I really love about this story are the pictures which fill me with national pride, even though I am not Japanese. The 40 onlookers/passengers working together to rescue a fellow countryman… well woman… from danger.

This one is simple, Japan you got GUTS!

Have you ever treaded water for an extended period of time? Maybe you are a swimmer or water polo player and think that it’s easy? How about doing it for 16 hours? Surviving something like that takes mental fortitude, bravery and yes, you guessed it a whole lot of Guts! Take a look…



20 year-old, third-year marine biology student at the New College of Florida, Heather Barnes decided to go snorkeling alone before dawn. She wanted to collect coral samples as was keen to get an early start. However, her stomach and leg stated to cramp and unable to fight the current she was swept out.

I know what you are thinking this sounds like the opening scene of a horror/thriller movie and that Barnes should be played by a tall blonde girl with great… teeth and a tiny bikini (any Hollywood directors out there interested?) this however is how Heather Barnes’ Friday morning started. So much for TGIF.

Barnes treaded water for a couple of hours before realizing that the only way she was going to be rescued is if she got closer to shore. So she started swimming. Focusing her aim on a light she could see on shore, she kept swimming. The sun started to set and she kept swimming…

Did someone eventually rescue her?

NO! After hours and hours of swimming, suffering sunburn and jelly fish stings, Barnes swam herself back to shore. She pulled herself out and up onto a coral reef before locals in a kayak found her and taking her home.

Let’s summarize: that’s what I call GUTS! Plus, if you are going to go snorkeling before dawn, DON’T go alone!

Education is the key to a better life, a better future and a better outlook for this rock we call home. However, governments worldwide continue to offer their populace subpar education. Sometimes it’s an attempt to ensure the populace is ignorant enough to keep voting an ineffectual government back in, sometimes it’s a just an effectual government being ineffectual. This American teen is on the pulse of the importance of education and lets his teacher know it…


Firstly my blood boils at how apathetic and unresponsive this teacher is. Instead of commending a child who wants to learn, she kicks him out because it would take more effort to teach him. To you Miss, there is a special place in hell reserved.

Brighter things though, Jeff Bliss’, the student in the video remark “If you would just get up there and teach them insetead of handing them a packet, Yo!” Echoes within me and reminds me of a quote from a truly TRULY great man Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Although he may be a little less eliqunt, this kid knows how important his education is going to be for him.

To you Jeff Bliss, awesome name by the way, we bestow our highest honour, GUTS!

Dress in white and don’t forget your red handkerchief, it’s time for the running of the bulls again. The running of the bulls has a legacy dating back over a hundred years, however it is a past highlighted with a handful of deaths and countless injuries. That does not however stop hundreds of daredevils from testing the metal… balls I think balls is the right word.



The running of the bulls consist of letting half-tonne fighting bulls out of their pens and leading them through the streets of Pamplona in northern Spain. Participants of the run strap on a little red, to get the bull’s attention and then but hook or by crook attempt to stay out of the path of… well a half ton bull.

Six bulls and six steer… okay explaining what a steer is first:

A steer is a castrated bull, yup every man reading this just suddenly crossed their legs, that holds the heard together.

… so, six bulls and six steers charged down the cobbled streets of the medieval city and, although there were no deaths, two unfortunate souls were hospitalised. A 20-year-old Spaniard and a 42-year-old American were the unlucky two to be on the wrong side of a, well of a bull!

Running of the bulls 2014 is on my bucket list, how about yours?

There has been Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the group of teenagers from Captain Planet…they had nothing on the best desposit codes for Guts casino! I know what you were thinking about the only ones I could think of were 90s cartoons but bear with me… now there is Temar Boggs. This 15 year old took crime fighting into his own hands and yes that’s right, showed the police how it’s done.


It all started when Jocelyn Rojas vanished from her front yard in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The authorities, once contacted, believed belived that the girl had been abducted by a man promising ice cream.

Police and neighbours started a house by house search of the area asking anyone if they had seen Jocelyn. Temar Boggs and his friend decided that the needed to join in on the search, grabbed their bicycles and headed out.

About half a mile into their search they saw a suspicious looking sedan and followed it. They teens finally managed to get up alongside the car and saw both Jocelyn and her would be kidnapper. Realising he has been caught the man sped off, but Temar wasn’t going to let that happen and pursued the man… yes chased a car down on his BICYCLE… for 15 long minutes.

Finally the abductor let Jocelyn out of the car and sped off, leaving Temar to escort her safely to the police and the little girls waiting parents.

Okay WOW and all together: one, two, three GUTS!

What’s better than playing and winning with an online slot from the comfort of your own home? Yup, exactly! If you guessed a Playboy themed slot game then you were absolutely right. The Playboy online slot is now available to play on, yes I know… you are welcome!



This 5-reel, 243 Ways to Win-to-win online slot is Playboy themed, with steamy graphics of the iconic… or infamous for some I guess… Playboy Bunnies. Backed by software giant Microgaming, this one is sure to give you a great time plus a nice win or two.

Hold on to your hats if you spin 3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols, the Playboy magazine, you get entrance into the Playboy Key Club where you will get to unlock four Bunnies waiting with a Free Spins prize. Each level of the Key Club has its own Bunny with her own number of Free Spins and special features.

The levels are as follows:

  • Kimi – she’s in a short skirt, longing to reveal more and you will bite your lips when you  see her 10 Free Spins with a 5x multiplier.
  • Sofia – complimented with an idyllic beach destination, wearing a mini sarong, barely covering her curves. Don’t get too hot and heavy when you see her 15 Free Spins during which the Wild symbol will increase gradually.
  • Ashley – greeting you with a glass of wine and a shirt that has been completely unbuttoned, her 25 Free Spins with randomly appearing Wild will have you heading for a cold shower.
  • Jillian – last but not least, the drop dead gorgeous red head with deep necklined attire. With Jillian the Wild can appear at any time and when it does all the reels go Wild.

With a jackpot of 1,215,000 coins, the girls aren’t the only ones that will have you hot under the collar. Click here and play the Playboy online slot now.

Since Leonardo da Vinci first dreamt up his insane human powered helicopter design, the human race has been obsessed with cracking this illusive nut. Well the time has come and a group of… well most likely nerds… but the awesome kind of nerds, have created a craft that could accomplish the almost mythical feat.



For the University of Toronto students it was not only the desire to see the work of the great di Vinci completed, but the $250,000 Igor I. Sikorsky Human Powered Helicopter Competition prize, that has been unclaimed for the years, that spurred them on to this achievement. The competition required the applicant’s creation to hover at a height of at least 10 feet for more than a minute.

The craft, dubbed atlas… fitting I think, hovered the required 10 feet for 64 seconds thus claiming this seemingly unobtainable prize. Atlas itself is something to behold, weighing just 121 pounds… too lazy to convert to metric… and spanning 162 feet… still too lazy… which is, well, impressive.

The team therefore gets a big thumbs up from me and of course the now coveted… I’d like to think so at least… Guts tag!

BUT, that’s not all. It behoves me to mention the almost comical news anchor. This is CNN, one of, if not the, most respected news networks worldwide, and this anchor just seems to rattle off at the end of the segment. Not only was I completely uninterested in her escapades of jumping out a tree, but it very almost ruined the enormity of this amazing accomplishment. Okay, okay I’ll stop!

Well done University of Toronto!

It has often been said that the younger they start they better they are. This has been true for the like of Michael Jordon, Tiger Woods and countless other famous sports stars. If this is indeed the case then, Julian Newman a fifth-grader from Orlanda, Florida (yup Hollywood couldn’t have scripted this one better) is set to be one of the greatest basketball players the sport has ever seen.



Well… I’m a little speechless! This 4’5” fifth-grader who starts for a high school, yes you read that right – HIGH SCHOOL, team at the Downey Christian School in Orlandop, Florida pulled on his sneakers and got set to take one some of the most talented bascketball players in the US.

Not just other fifth-graders though, that wouldn’t be amazing enough, Julian was set to test his skill in a Hot Sauce vs. And1 exhibition match. These two all-star teams are both dripping with talent and feature some of the most talented street basketball players in the world.

Julian’s ball control, vision and skill is hard to deny and it had been getting just as excited as the crowd when he sunk a huge, for a fifth-grader that is, three pointer! That’s why his get a big fat Guts, keep up the good work young man.

Picture this: you are having a nice drive with your dad. Suddenly you find yourself flying through the air and smashing onto a sandbar roof first. It is very difficult to say what you would and wouldn’t do in this type of situation. I think it’s safe to say very few of us would stay calm! Now picture this, an eight year version of you in that situation, what now?



Eugenio Garcia, the father of the eight year old boy, was driving along the Nashua River with his eight year old son when he lost control and smashed through the guardrail. The car flipped and landed on its roof on a sandbar.

The father was hurt in the crash and unable to make his own way out of the car and to safety. Here is where it gets amazing! His eight year old son freed himself from the wreckage and proceeded to trek the near mile journey to his stepmothers house, who then called 911.

Although, there has been no concrete reports it has been rumoured that the father had been drunk, and that, that may have precipitated the crash.

One thing is clear, this eight year old boy has GUTS! He not only stayed calm under pressure, released he needed to get help, knew exactly how to get to where help would be but through all that he did that while knowing that his father was in trouble. AMAZING!

When Robert Cole woke up one morning and decided that today was a good day to break into a house, he should have gone back to bed! Little did Cole know, he was about to have the worst, and possibly most embarrassing day of his life… or maybe he is as big a dumb ass as this story makes him seem…



Denay Houston and her husband heard breaking glass at about 6 a.m. and her husband went to investigate. Houston’s husband, releasing that they were about to be broken into, waited for the would-be thief to come through the front of the house and then pounced.

In seconds, the husband had the Cole on the ground with his arms and legs tied behind his back, just like in the rodeo… just wait it gets better. The husband then proceeded to get ready for work, finally leaving Cole hogtied on the front lawn for the police as he went to work. Can I get a DAME!!

Still it gets better, when asked for an interview by a local television crew, the husband’s response was simply sorry I have to get to work. Okay so let’s sum up: rodeo ninja, all around bad ass, according to his wife; superhero and finally modest, hardworking and committed to providing for his family! What a guy!

Not only did this take Guts, but what a bad ass! If more criminals were being hogtied and left out for the public to see, I firmly believe crime would drop drastically.

He is known as The Professor and seeing him on a basketball court shows what he is considered to be a professor in, BASKETBALL! This 28 year old street ball player has risen to the pinnacle of the sport. His play features some of the most inventive, imaginative and perfectly executed moves the sport has ever seen…



This footage is from the BallUp tour to China! The professor makes a 6 foot 7 Chinese player his… well you get what I mean! The Chinese baller takes exception to the bop to the head and goes after The Professor with murder in his eyes!

The only thing more amazing than The Professor’s play is his story. Grayson Boucher… yup that is why he prefers to be called The Professor, I would too… was born in Portland, Oregon in the US. Boucher and his brother decided to attend the AND! Mixtape Tour event in his home town and his life changed forever.

Arriving at the event he found out that they offered an “open run” tryout to join the tour. Boucher entered blew the judges mind and quickly became a central part of the AND1 tour.

Yes Mr The Professor, or Mr Boucher… whichever you prefer… I am giving you a big Guts on this one. Your story is inspiring and I had a good laugh at this clip.

Whether you choose to just accept it, or you are drawn to finding answers on how an illusionist performs his tricks we all love a good show. Well-known illusionist/magician (call him what you will) Dynamo took to London on an iconic double decker red bus to perform his latest trick. Can you figure it out? Do you care how he does it? 



This is one that we will all accept as a trick but explaining it might not be so easy. Dynamo appears to be levitating next to the bus as he grabs on for a little population. The bus ride went past some of the most iconic landmarks London has to offer and had many with their mouths gaping in amazement.

Confession time, this stunt was part of a Pepsi. Yes, yes I know! Big industry sticking its nose in where it doesn’t belong and running it for everyone. Pepsi however, where not the only killjoys on this ride, thank you YouTube commentators you take that prize.

YouTube commentators were quick to explain exactly how it was done and ridicule anyone who was amazed. Unhappy people want company, I know! A little piece of advice though, if you know how they did it, keep it to yourself! Some of us enjoy a good show, regardless of the mechanics.

Not that it really matters now, but I’m giving this one a Guts!!

How old are you?

I answered 25, well Jonah Rocks is eight, yes 8! So what’s so impressive about Jonah Rocks being 8? Well let’s start from the beginning do you play an instrument? Yes. Do you play it well? Not really. Well Jonah Rocks plays drums, correction Jonah Rocks kills at playing drums! Don’t believe me? Think that he plays well for an 8 year old, but that he isn’t that good? Well take a look for yourself…


Yes you heard that right, that was Drowning Pool – Bodies played by an 8 year old! Not only did he play it well, it is difficult to say that the original was any better than his. Better than the original is also the brand new Guts casino codes. Get yours here!

His skill however is not where the amazing qualities of Jonah end! This 8 year old self-taught drummer has never had a lesson, and plays songs as he hears them, and how he thinks they should sound. With only 1 - 2 hours per week playing drums and a perfect ear for music, Jonah has a bright future.

Jonah, you have insane talent and this is an easy Guts! You are my new hero and I really need to pick up my game and dust off that guitar in the back of my cupboard!

The United Nations is meant to a beacon for truth and justice worldwide, however I can’t help thinking that the answer is with our children and not out of touch old men. I know, a little more serious than you are used to but you will not regret watching this one…



Hannah Neleson is a 16 year old girl from Northern Ireland. This address was held at the Waterfront Hall ahead of the G8 summit. Her impassioned speech is undeniably touching and it leaves you wondering why does it take a 16 year old to say this? Why are not our world leaders putting up their hands to consider issues that really affecting their people?

“I want to live in a country where it is not my religion that is important, but my value as a person that is significant.” Shades of Martin Luther King’s “I had a dream” calling for people to be judged by the content of their character rather than the colour of their skin.

This one is easy, Hanna you get a big thumbs up and Guts verdict from us. Keep up the good work and maybe one day we will see you not just as a visitor but a member of the G8, a member willing and able to pursue change.

Yes another one out of the heart of mother Russia, don’t we just love our Russians. However, this one is going to have you saving one what a guy, rather than dame Russians be crazy. It was a sunny day when this guy got a visitor from an unlikely source…



A fox is more likely to run away from any sign of human than to even think about approaching two humans for help. However, knowing it was in a bit of a pickle this fox walks up to two Russians guys after it gets its head stuck in a jar.

Yes curiosity almost killed the… um fox (close enough). One of the guys though leans down and pulls the fox’s head out of the jar. The fox is immediately off towards the safety of the tree line, pausing just before it to take a look back at its rescuers. One of the guys do, however sarcastically ask, “Where’s the thank you?”

Although it is sad that this beauty of Mother Nature was put in this position, it is undeniable that this guy deserves a Guts verdict all the way. Who needs to hunt a fox when you can save a fox’s life!

Imagine putting together the single greatest Halloween costume of all time, what would the costume be? Yup, I answered an Iron Man suit too and so did Chris Miller. He then decided to put together, not just any Iron Man Halloween costume, but the greatest, most realistic Iron Man suit ever created… well that I know of!



I think you can agree that the brilliant Mr. Miller really did outdo himself with this one…We're dishing out a Guts bonus for this one, that's for sure!



That however is only beginning of the story, and what Chris Miller does with the suit when it is not being used as a Halloween costume is the real story. It all started with a Reddit post from Gr8whtd0pe, who claims to be a friend of Miller’s, which went viral with more than 28,000 upvotes.

So what was everyone so interested in? Well Chris Miller was putting on the suit and visiting Children’s hospitals! If you are as heart warmed as I am, you are also imagining being that age and seeing Iron Man coming down the hall to visit you.

Chris Miller, you are a stand-up guy and you get the Guts badge of honour for bravery and giving the flame of five year old me a little oxygen!



Don’t be fooled by the title, this mother is not a witch, this mother is a hero and a badass. Let’s set the scene a knife wielding madman jumps out and tries to highjack you with your two kids in the back of the car, what do you do? Go…



Okay so did you think about you would have done? Well here is what Texas mother of two, Dorothy Baker-Flugence did! As the dumb ass hijacker tried to put the knife to Dorothy’s throat, she rammed the car into a pole, hoping that he would fly through the windshield… she didn’t stop there though, and her super mom started to show itself!

After not flying through the windshield, Dorothy punched him in the face ripped the knife from his hand and threw him out of the car! Then she realised that he may be able to do this to someone else, mmm… what to do? Yes that’s right she ran him over with her car!

Still wondering where the witch part came in? Well in an interview after the face Dorothy explained her actions against the would be hijacker stating, "I told him, he messed with the wrong witch," I wasn’t sure what she meant either, but it does make a great title don’t you think?

Let’s not forget about the verdict, all together now Guts! You were going for Nuts weren’t you? ;)


Most of us have been on a plane and had to sit through the mundane safety announcements from the captain. A South African airline is doing things differently in an attempt to engage passengers and maybe even get a laugh or two…



Kulula Airways is a low cost South African airline that has become known for the out of the ordinary marketing, and fun and interesting ways of engaging customers. The clip is taken by a passenger of one of their flights as the captain is giving his safety announcements.

The captain explains that Kulula has the best looking flight attendants in the industry, but, due to roster problems they were unable to be on this flight. This light hearted start is the introduction to one of the funniest safety announcements I have ever heard. The captain, who turns out to be a master of accents, connects to a large range of South African social groups.

I have always enjoyed companies that make the effort and endeavour to really give their customers one of a kind service. As a result I am going to give the captain, flight attendants and marketing geniuses at Kulula an honorary Guts!

When most are celebrating their 102nd birthday they are doing so in an old age home with an oxygen mask with someone else blowing out your candles. However, for this 102 year old granny age is just a number and she is going to make use of every birthday she can…



I have said it before and I’ll say it again… you don’t stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing. For this truly inspiring grandmother it seems to never been truer. She is taking life by the horns and enjoying every moment.  

The 102 year old took to a bridge in Idaho in the United States to celebrate another year of sticking it to the man… do people still say that? The tandem base jump seems truly hair raising leaving me with the unenviable task of asking… would I have the Guts to pull off something like that on 102nd birthday? Scratch that! Would I have the Guts to go out today and do it?

Happy birthday you crazy granny you are an inspiration to all of us to never give up on going after adventure. As for the verdict, Guts Guts and more Guts!

The protests in Istanbul, Turkey have for the most part garnered world-wide media coverage. I know… not exactly a feel good story but the bravery of one woman is without doubt worth sharing. This picture has been shared world-wide and has quickly become a symbol of resistance for the people of Turkey.


Lady in the Red Dress


The picture has become known as the Lady in the Red Dress and just looking at you can see that she is not the militant brick throwing protestor you would expect, in fact she looks like she was probably on her way to lunch with friends. However, if she was expecting to have a nice lunch with friends she would be sorely mistaken.

An unnamed faceless member of Istanbul’s riot police felt so threaten by the Lady in the Red Dress that, he proceeded to douse her, head to toe, in pepper spray. The woman made an effort to turn her head, but as someone who has experienced pepper spray I can guarantee you she must have been in pain for days.

The woman, Ceyda Sungur is the unlikeliest of heroines and when asked about her picture personifying the Turkish people’s struggle she was, to say the least, humble. This one is an easy Guts! She took a pepper spray bath, still managed to look great and started global recognition of the country’s struggle.

Some of the most inspirational stories often come from individuals who have had to overcome incredible obstacles to achieve what they have. You don't if you're looking for this Guts casino promotion code, but let's stay on it. For Regas Woods, also known as “”Legz” this could not be more true. The bilateral above the knee amputee is simply amazing…



Woods list of achievements are numerous and each is amazing then the next:

  • The fastest bilateral above the knee amputee in the world and an ATV stunt rider
  • He has earned features on TV show Superbikes, 2Wheel Tuner Magazine and Super Street Bike Magazine
  • He works as a full time O&P technician at a Prosthetics & Orthotics
  • He has competed at the Paralympic level in the 100m and 200m events
  • He is the founder of the Never Say Never foundation

Woods is more achieved, more inspiring and more active than any able bodied individual I have ever met. The verdict as a result for me is a simple Guts! Keep it Legz, you are doing an amazing job!

Yes yes yes I know it’s an old one! The 1992 Barcelona Olympic 400 meter semi-final went from being a competitive race between some of the best athletes of their generation, to an inspirational masterpiece that would transcend his career and become the benchmark for the human spirit.



Derek Redmond had made it to the semi-final of the 400 meter race in Barcelona. Redmond was a serious contender to take the Gold Medal and seemed to be peaking at just the right time. As the athletes took their place at the blocks and waited for the starters gun to off no one could have guessed what would happen next.

Redmond got off to a great start until it all went horribly wrong for him on the back straight. The British athlete had tour his hamstring and he was out of the race. That however was not the end of it! Embodying the very essence of the famed Olympic spirit Redmond picked himself up and limping along completed the race to deafening applause from the crowd.

I come across this video every couple of years and every time the hairs on the back of my neck stick up and I can feel a tear developing. Redmond you have probably heard this a million times, you have Guts, Guts or Nuts maybe I should change it to Redmond or Nuts.

If you are sitting on the couch in front of the TV, you might want to go pretend to get ready for a run before you read this one. Ben Baltz, 11 and Connor Long, 9 are two inspirational triathletes that are showing everyone that nothing is impossible and that I really need to get off the couch and go for a run.



That’s right, Ben Baltz is an 11 year old cancer survivor! That’s no enough you say? He also had his right leg amputated. Still not enough? Well Ben doesn’t think so either that is why he has taken to competing in triathlons! This kid is amazing, but that’s not all…

Connor Long is a 9 year old triathlete! He is not a cancer survivor and he has full function of both his legs. So what makes this 9 year old so amazing? Well Connor has a brother with Cerebral Palsy. To help his brother feel more normal, Connor takes his brother along with him during his triathlons.

This 9 year old drags a raft behind him during the swim, pulls him in a wagon during the cycle and pushes him in the wagon during the run. Okay I think that’s a tear! Verdict? Guts!

You don’t stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing. This 56 year old has taken that to heart and has become what could possibly be the oldest skateboarder ever. I hear you asking is he the real deal? It's as real as our Guts bonus! Why don’t you take a look for yourself…



Neal Unger, known to his fans simply as the “The Dude”, is a 56 year skating legend. He is not the most talented but he never gives up and I don’t see him stopping any time soon. Yes, a little weepy I know but I tend to get teary eyed when I see the amazing from a person twice my age.

Back to the video, “The Dude” pulls off a perfect, and I mean perfect, kickflip to start. Then a bit of showing of his control and the moves on to a fingerflip that would make any amateur skater proud, and yes that’s right this guy is 56 years old and still ripping it.

“The Dude” this is a very easy verdict, you have Guts and I feel lazy watching your amazing feat of skill. So to “The Dude”, we salute you!

In a world where first world countries spend millions on developing sports stars, it is an ever present mystery how third world countries continue to produce some of the most distinguished athletes of all time.



This Kenyan high school is the very definition of third world with only two upright pieces of wood holding up the horizontal. This high jump master class shows how even under the most basic conditions you can train champions. The title of “Amazing Kenyan High School High Jump” is as a result as relevant a title as I have ever heard. Worthy of a Guts bonus if anything!

The video shows high jumper, after high jumper not only easily clear the staggering height, but not even needing a mat to land safely on? AMAZING! The last time I tried high jump I thought the mat was too hard – first world problems I know! 

Africa has not had the easiest of histories yet through an unwavering spirit has managed to drive the most amazing achievements. The verdict is as a result a very easy Guts, Africa you got skills and I respect you for never giving up.

Claude Moshiywa, a 39-year-old South African marathon runner has won the 2013 edition of the Comrades Marathon. Moshiywa’s win ends the two decade foreign stranglehold on the up run with the emphatic victory.



Moshiywa completed the course in five hours, 32 minutes, 08 seconds to secure a historic victory. The clearly overcome athlete collapsed at the finish after winning what many consider to be the toughest marathon run in the world.

The runner described his final moments of the race stating, "I was so excited when I reached the final stretch and it means a lot to have done it after so many years."

The 90km Ultramarathon was established in 1921 and alternates between the up and down runs between Durban and Pietermaritzburg. The 2013 addition was an up run that started in Durban with the finish in Pitermartizburg.  

Okay so to recap, the 39-year-old smashed the 90km run… 39? That really is amazing and Moshiywa you make me feel very lazy! You my friend have Guts!

When most people think about a journey around Britain it’s unlikely that they would have been imagined doing it like this.



The GB Row is a rowing challenge during which crew’s race around Britain, a 2,000 mile (3,220km) journey. The race is born from a group of four 4 who endeavoured to set a world record by rowing nonstop around Britain. Since then it has become an annual challenge, with the 2013 edition set to be the most enticing yet.

The record for completing the course currently stands at 26 days, 21 hours and 14 minutes. For the 2013 edition, race organisers have offered £15,000 to the winners, and £100,000 to the crew that breaks the record.

Spending just under 27 days in a boat rowing 2,000 miles is well insane but it requires true Guts. The 6 crews that are endeavouring to undertake this challenge have my best wishes and the verdict is therefore a unanimous Guts!

Red Bull has become synonymous with amazing sporting achievements. With the help of a Russian, yes it’s the crazy Russians again, extreme sport star Valery Rozov (48) they have done it again.



Mount Everest has been associated throughout history with the persistence and grit of the human spirit. After four days of trekking up the highest mountain in the world Rozov flew off the north face and set the world’s highest BASE jump.

The 7220 meter, 23,688 feet above sea level jump lasted nearly a full minute with Rozov reaching speeds of nearly 200 km/h or 125 mph. The jump was a challenge because of the high altitude and thin air. This resulted in Rozov taking far longer than usual to transition from his freefall to flying. However the jump went perfectly as he landing safely on Rongbuk glacier.

The verdict is a very easy Guts! Valery Rozov you have pulled off something truly death defying, breath-taking and inspiring. Crazy Russians we salute you again as you continue to make us amazed and sometimes even amused.

Yes we are in good old Russia again, and the destination is a disused cooling tower that has been turned in an adrenaline junkies’ wet dream.



I like to think that this is a relic from the Soviet Union that has been transformed into something that can be enjoyed. However there is no real evidence of that so we are left with a group of insane Russian friends sitting up at the top of a cooling tower.

Three… two… one… and the first Russian is off, three… two… one… number two goes off the side, three, four and five follow in quick succession, although I doubt they jumped that closely together. They plummet to the ground and the white backdrop of the snow comes into view… they kind of makes me think it must have been freezing waiting up there.

All in all each mans, there might have been a woman or two in there, adrenaline fuelled experience last for only a few seconds. The experience is however one that I am would be happy to strap on I try for myself. The verdict though, with the makeshift safety gear and probably freezing weather, yup these Russians are Nuts!

A man visits a Toronto mall and finds it shut, unlike most people he finds this most disturbing and endeavours to find out why it’s closed… loudly!



He wants to go shopping in the East Centre, that’s all he wants to do. He wants to by what right they exclude the population. This man just wants to buy some stuff from the mall. Till then he is going to lead his one man protest till he gets what he wants.

The fun however is just starting, kids being kids they see it as their duty to mock crazy old people. The kid in question runs to the window and mimes the crazy man’s plea by banging comically on the window. Then the crazy old man decides to focus his attention on the cameraman.

The cameraman points at that it is a private place to which the man does not react well. This man, and the verdict for this clip, is plan and simply Nuts, although Nuts just doesn’t really seem to cut it.    

Once upon a time in a land called Germany, a German man stripped down in freezing cold weather to attempt to jump into a frozen pool. The results? Hilarious!



After a fair amount of build this German individual gets ready to jump into a frozen pool, breaking through the ice and landing into the pool. My first question? If it’s cold enough for the pool to be frozen over what is this man doing outside in his underpants getting ready to jump into a freezing cold pool.

The man jumps he’s in the air he might… go… all… the… oh wait no he smashed into the ice and looked like he hurt himself. As his friend burst out in laughter, this masterpiece becomes a viral masterpiece.

Yes I think you guessed this, the verdict is a resounding you are one Nuts German. Although he is most definitely a nutcase the fact remains his has quickly become and internet sensation with just the version his channel being viewed 25,800,000 times.

YouTube has convinced me that Russians are a truly insane individuals, with some of the most daring and insane stunts originating in the motherland. This one specifically is one of the most amazing rope swings I have ever seen.



With the desolate backdrop of post-communist Russian flats and snow this group of Russians get ready to pull off the amazing. With a short countdown the big push is over and the lucky individual is hurtling through the air screaming their lungs out. The seemingly perfect preparation results in the swing running perfectly through between two blocks of flats.

The first thing I thought when I saw this clip? Hold my beer, it’s my turn! Although this looks amazingly fun, the clips Russian origins begs the questions how well did they plan this and did they plan the distances and the ropes weight bearing thresholds.

The verdict is as a result an easy, you be Nuts you crazy Russians. I do however look forward to your next attempt at the amazing!

I have a theory, in a sport as esoteric as skateboarding, the greatest among the flock are known to only a few. William Spencer is not well known, but should he be?



The introduction to this clip is, to say the least, disturbing. It is a glimpse into the strange mind of William Spencer, a man that might just be the most inventive skateboarder of our time. However, once the sounds of “You give love a bad name” by Bon Jovi kick in the show starts, and what a show it is.

From transferring from one board to another, to landing a ten foot drop with two boards stacked on top of each other. In a sport where huge events like the X Games were supposed to bring out the best and the most creative, clips like this with truly great skaters keep surfacing. Spencer however leaves the best for last landing a forward flip down a flight of stairs on to a skateboard and riding it out. Show your Guts on the go by getting the latest Guts mobile casino coupon codes here!

As for the verdict? It is difficult to ascertain the line between brilliance and insanity, but Spencer’s mercurial nature through the clip gives me no doubt of his insanity. That’s right this is a Nuts. However, any X Games winner that calls himself the greatest needs to first challenge William Spencer.

Young Maddison takes her shot at YouTube fame with her attempt at an epic stunt. This girl is born for YouTube and she owns the stage whenever she is on the camera.



Her stunt is to run and jump onto her couch! The stunt however goes horribly wrong when she slips off the couch and face plants the floor. Yes, yes I know not the epic stunt you were promised but what caught my eye about this clip is how Maddison takes it like a man. Guts like that is worthy of a Guts bonus indeed!

When she face plants she doesn’t scream or cry she takes a pillow holds it to her face and takes a minute to collect her thoughts. My favourite part? She comes to the camera and instead of being in tears, which I would be… maybe screaming like a girl too, she bids her viewers goodbye.

Maddison you get a Guts in my book! Don’t be discouraged, keep safe and I hope to see many more additions to your YouTube career.

The 1900s were the birth of boxing and bare knuckle boxing was the order of the day! Fisticuffs, coming to Guts on June 25th, is a boxing themed video slot with a 100,000 coin jackpot.



This 5-reel, 10-line video slot is a reminder of the insanity that is bare knuckle boxing and the individuals who still partake. The slot features a re-spin Wild feature that leaves Wild combinations up, leaving the possibility of huge wins on your next spin.

The theme is carried through with fun animation of a skinny boxer taking a crack at a much larger, much rounder competitor, yes Nuts is exactly what I was thinking too. In combination with the fun sound effects, Fisticuffs is sure to be a great addition, with hours of fun to be had.

Check it out for yourself with a Guts casino bonus that will pack a proper punch on its own!

Don’t forget about bare knuckle boxing though! Yup that’s right I’m going to go with guts on this one. Bare knuckle boxing is an extreme sport and takes a special type of crazy to partake in.

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If you thought that motorcyclists were organ donors you haven’t seen this video! This guy is just inviting disaster to his door with some of the most hair-raising motorcycle stunts I have come across.



The clip starts with him just chilling on the side of his bike watching the person who is filming him. Take him out and put him on the couch and his demeanour will not have changed. This however only seems to move him to test the boundaries of insanity and try something else.

The guy then proceeds to show his gymnastic skills as he balances on the tank of his bike on his hands. With some impressive balance he manages to stay there as he cruises down the highway at breakneck speed!

This, however talented his skills, is a simple matter of completely and utterly Nuts! This guy is inviting insanity into his life and just asking for the smoke and fire that comes with disaster. Nuts it is!

So you think you know how to skip? You don’t! Watch Adrienn Banhegyi show you how it’s done. She’s known as the jump rope girl and it’s not difficult to see why!



Banhegyi doesn’t just come with amazing skills, she comes with the credentials too. She performs with Cirque de Soleil, and holds two world records for jump roping! She is no joke and her skills are flat out insane.

The clip, filmed by our friend of epicness Devin Supertramp, shows Banhegyi performing her amazing skipping skills in some amazing locations. She looks like a female soccer player but that doesn’t stop her from pulling of amazing move after amazing move!

Some of might be thinking, I can do that – hold my beer, well… you cant. Skills like this take years to develop, so Adrienn you have my respect as well as my Guts vote for this one.

Well know BMX rider and film maker, Rich Forne, puts his body on the line to pull off some of the most impressive wall riding ever filmed.



So often we see when BMX riders pull off their tricks, very rarely do we get to see the pain and frustration they put themselves through to achieve perfection. Forne and his team begin the action with some of the gnarliest BMX crashes I have ever seen.

One thing is clear though, Forne is not giving up and he keeps pushing till we get to see some of the most inventive amazing wall riding around. It doesn’t matter what the obstacle is, he jumps rides and grinds over anything in his path.

Just for not only going through those crashes but posting them in the first half of this clip, Rich you are completely Nuts. You wall riding is amazing and I watched this clip again and again with my mouth wide open, but it’s got be Nuts on this one.

Some of us have pet cats, Kevin Richardson has pet lions, only probably is these big cats aren’t tame, these big cats are as wild as they come.



Kevin is an animal behaviourist and according to this news reporter doesn’t believe in observing his subjects from the safety of behind the fences. The image of this man hugging and playing with these massive animals that are perfectly adapted to killing is a truly amazing site.

There is a moment towards the end of the clip where three full grown female lions “play” with Kevin and even the reporter feels uncomfortable asking if he is okay. He seems unconcerned and even states that this is what they always do!

In the interview Kevin hints that it he were to be killed by the lions and was given the chance to come back that, he would do it all again. Mr Richardson, you my friend or completely and utterly Nuts. There is a fine line between balls of steel and shit for brains and you sir seem to be heavily leaning to one side!

First the NBA and then the world! 11 year old basketball child prodigy, Jayshawn Augusto is an insanely talented basketball player that has his eyes on playing in the NBA.



This fifth grader is like no other training from 4 to 8 o’clock. Dribbling, shooting and playing two on one against his brother and his friend.  He trains harder than most professional athletes and is his professional attitude is paying off! You can get big pay offs as well with the latest Guts sports promotion - get it here!

It’s not only his training though, Jayshawn’s VO2 max is off the charts, meaning he has an insanely efficient body allowing him to run more efficiently than an average individual. Basketball is not all he’s good at though. Jayshawn runs a 4 minute 50 second mile, faster than any other 11 year old and he is set to break the world record shortly.

Jayshawn your workout ethic is Nuts, but your mad skill and determination to succeed is pure Guts. Well done young man!

From Parkour to martial arts and even a skateboarding, this man might just be the most talented individual on the face of the planet.



From the time he wakes up from his mattress on the floor this guy eats (although you never see him eating), breathes and sleeps perfection! He starts off with a little Parkour making gravity his…

Next he moves onto martial arts with amazing feats of athleticism and perfect form. Then he amazes further by showing his skills with a skateboard and by this point you truly feel that this man is capable of absolutely anything.

From this point, no matter how small the skill, stacking dice with a cup or running up and along walls he pulls it off with ease. To end? He pulls off an insane combination of movements to get ready for bed and then sets down to sleep.

Nuts or Guts? Or maybe both, because he could anything you asked of him and more. Most of us wish we could master one skill, this guy wakes up and decides what skill to master next!

Who needs the NBA when you have the guys from Dude Perfect and the Frisbee throwing magician Brodie!



This group of insane trick shot specialists embark on a basketball versus Frisbee trick shot exhibition. Taking turns, they start of small with a simple baseline to baseline shot which the promptly sink and so the action moves on.

The action heats up when they use an indoor football field and slowly increase the distance of the basket. Both the basketball and Frisbee trick shot experts make it look easy as they sink shot after shot.

When the action moves on the insane turns into the overboard as the battle competitors try to outdo each other. It’s unclear as to who wins the competition, but one thing is clear there is amazing skill shown and a great time had by all.

These guys are completely and utterly nuts, but their skill is undeniable!

When Jay Leno set about pranking Will and Monifa with one his regulars, Pumpcast News, he could not have been expecting the TV gold he would find.



The prank revolved around actor Tim Stack pretending to be a new anchor on a service station TV and startles customers by taking to them directly Stark starting talking to Will and soon found out that he was a fan of karaoke.

This inevitably ended up with Will performing an impromptu cover of Bon Jovi, living on a pray. He proceeds to blow everyone away with a great performance with a very embarrassed wife in the front seat of his car.

This is my new favourite couple and my vote is definitely Guts, they take the opportunity and have now been invited to perform on the tonight show.

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There are a few skaters who come along and change the sport forever! First there was Tony Hawk and now an unknown Japanese street skater, with some of the most inventive and extreme tricks the sport has ever seen.



The first thing that catches my eye is that none of the outtakes of the skater eating concrete have been removed. This leaves a raw, personal look at a skater’s highs and lows as he conquers the city.

In true Japanese style, the video is weird combination of amazing skating with jumps cuts to random images and a last half minute of utter confusion for the viewer. If there wasn’t the addition of the amazing skating, by what could possibly be one of the greatest street skaters of the modern era, I would say that the video itself is an avant-garde masterpiece.

Answering the question of whether he is guts or nuts? I am going to have to go with nuts! He seems to have no regard for his health and the thought process behind this piece of avant-garde filmmaking must take a man with at least one or two screws loose.

All in all, I salute you random Japanese street skater you are truly a skating master.

When the Thursday evening Dodge Ball enthusiasts gathered at Kean University, they had no idea they were about to witness greatness.



The action starts when our unnamed hero takes a break and exits out the door on the right of the screen. When he comes back his super powers are charged to the max and his is ready to show off some of those powers.

He slowly makes his way through the crowd making sure to avoid the dodge balls whizzing past him. He then spots his opening makes his gravity defying dodge and plants his dodge ball squarely into the face of his victim. The crowd erupts in amazement as his antics make him an instant YouTube sensation.

I came across this video and could not stop playing it again and again and you guessed it… again. He has Guts for sure!

A mugger got more than bargained for when he decided to try and force his way into Kent Hendrix neighbours house. Little did he know that Hendrix is the Mormon Samurai.



Let’s just take a minute here to appreciate how awesome this man is. Not only does he have the same name as the greatest guitarist of all time, he is a Martial Arts expert and owns a collection of showrd including a 29-inch carbon steel Samurai sword.

Back to the story in question…

Hendrix was alerted by his son that his neighbour was screaming because a mugger was trying force his way into the house. A fourth-degree black belt in the Kishindo, he grabbed his 29-inch carbon steel Samurai sword and ran out to confront the mugger.  

Taken completely aback, the robber later identified as 37-year-old Grant Eggertsen high tailed it out of there without a second thought. His run in with Hendrix seemed to have a lasting impression on Eggertsen as only an hour later he handed himself into the police.

If I saw the Kishindo expert running at me with a 29-inch sword I have no doubt that I would be heading in the opposite direction as quick as possible. Guts or Nuts? Mr Hendrix, I take my hat off to you sir you have Guts!


Evel Knievel would bow down and worship at the insanity that is Robbie Maddison.



Robbie Maddison is a motorcycle daredevil that is known for breaking records and coming up with some of the most mind blowing stunts ever. In the church of insanity Robbie Maddison is the lord himself and he is here to spread his insanity and inspire a new generation of daredevils.

The Arche d’ Triomphe jump in front of the Paris Las Vegas is one of Maddision’s most iconic jumps and like so many other insane moments, Red Bull was there to give a helping hand. The jump was straight up 29 meters, or ten stories landing on a space no bigger than an average size carport.

The landing consisted of a 24 meter drop back to earth to complete the trick that left my mouth wide open. The daredevil extraordinaire performed the trick with no ropes and barely any safety gear.

Guts or Nuts? I am about as conflicted as I have ever been. On the one hand he must have had balls the size of grapefruits to even attempt this, on the other hand what sane human being would attempt this insanity?

There are freerunners and then there is Brandon McCuien.



This gravity defying footage of Brandon McCuien is from the 2011 LoopKicks event, a showcase for the world’s greatest freerunners. The crowd echoes my reactions to Brandon’s seemingly spring loaded legs as he rockets skywards for double and maybe even a triple flip or two.

The frantic movement seems to be endless as his springs from move to move as my eyes grow wider and my mouth opens wider.

With the introduction of the music timed perfectly for his landing and taking off it becomes a truly entertaining clip. I was riveted for the full clip and found myself going back again and again with my mouth open in disbelief at Brandon’s athleticism.  

Brandon is known as one of the greatest freerunners the sport has ever seen and it isn’t too hard to see why. With an abundance of skill it is difficult not to envy his skill and answering the questions of is he Nuts or does he have Guts? Guts it is!

Valparaiso, Chile is the location of arguably the most extreme downhill bike races in the world.



The Valparaiso Cerro Abajo Race is a legendary, almost mythical downhill race held in the city of Valparaiso, Chile. The race consists of extreme downhills, crazy jumps and tight bends, and is represented with riders from all around the world.

The unique element of this race is it’s held on the streets of Valparaiso with riders often having to dodge stray dogs and inquisitive children. Looking at the helmet cam footage shows, in frightening detail, how riders are on the edge of disaster for the entire race.

Just watching the clip makes my adrenaline pumping and my thoughts of competing running. However, a quick YouTube search for Valparaiso Cerro Abajo Race crashes quickly cures me on my temporary insanity.  

To riders in this race you have my utmost respect and I look forward to seeing this year’s offering of hair-raising clips.

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