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The second part of our Football XI series, this time we’re creating a football XI based on 1980s pop stars & groups. Footballers featured are all-time stars, some still involved within the game while some have been retired for some time. It will, however, be some XI that steps out over that white line!

Join in on Twitter with the hashtag #1980sXI and let us know who would make your team!




GOALKEEPER – Simon Queen-olet


Considered a solid choice in-between the sticks. While he has made some mistakes and does have a habit of flapping at a fair few crosses into the box, he has proved himself a more than able shot-stopper and he clearly loves the big stage at Liverpool.


RIGHT-BACK – Lilian ThuWham!


A solid right-back in his day and one of the very best to ever grace the game of football. A French international and a winner of both the World Cup in 1998 and European Championship in 2000, he graced the game splendidly for Parma and Juventus in Italy before eventually ending his career with Barcelona in Spain, he clearly had a love for the bold and brash clubs.


CENTRE-BACK – Fitz Hall & Oates


A much-travelled defender, he has graced a number of clubs’ rosters and after spending his youth career at West Ham United, Hall moved on to clubs such as Barnet, Oldham Athletic, Southampton, Crystal Palace, Wigan Athletic and QPR. He currently finds himself without a club after spending the last few seasons at Watford.


CENTRE-BACK – Simon Kjaerjagoogoo


Once considered a highly regarded defender, he seems to be one of those players that have been around for years despite being only 25-years old. He finds himself at French Ligue 1 side Lille after spending a season on loan in Italy at Roma where he put the jagoogoo in Simon Kjaer.


LEFT-BACK – Ulises de la Soul


At the age of 40, it is to be expected that he finds himself out of the game and having retired in 2012 after spending the last 3 years of his career at Ecuadorian club LDU Quito where he had spent some time earlier in his career. He had spells in Scotland with Hibernian before moving to England with Aston Villa, then Reading before finally moving to Birmingham City – soul indeed.


RIGHT-MIDFIELD – Victor Guns N’ Moses


Victor is a lot like the Guns N’ Roses in that he performs with a lot of flash confidence while also exploding from time to time with searing pace. However, unlike the Guns N’ Roses, there is not a lot of end product to back up that confidence.


CENTRAL MIDFIELD – Boy George Graham


We can see a lot of similarities between George Graham and Boy George. When you think of George Graham’s Arsenal side you immediately think of attractive, flamboyant flair. Only kidding! These two are polar opposites, but we think George Graham could do with a little new romantic pop to liven up his punditry .




Xavi is very Bon indeed (the French version!), forming part of a formidable Catalan line-up, very much in the same manner if Bon Jovi had if he had lined up with Wham, Guns N’ Roses, Boy George, Wham, Queen and Kajagoogoo (!) in the 80’s.


LEFT-MIDFIELD – Wilfried zA-Ha


Wilf will be hoping the defenders he faces are singing ‘Take on Me’ while he’s running with the ball as that is what he loves to do. However, he’ll also be hoping they’re not humming the Living Daylights..


SECOND-STRIKER – The Footballer Formerly Known As Kevin Prince-Boateng


Need we say more?


STRIKER – Pink Floyd Hasselbaink


Hasselbaink is one of those strikers that didn’t seem to fit into the Dutch way of doing things due to his power and strength over skill, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. A highly proven goalscorer at pretty much every level, he displayed his ability for numerous clubs including Leeds United, Chelsea and Atlético Madrid. 

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