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A Mormon bishop and a Samurai sword

A mugger got more than bargained for when he decided to try and force his way into Kent Hendrix neighbours house. Little did he know that Hendrix is the Mormon Samurai.



Let’s just take a minute here to appreciate how awesome this man is. Not only does he have the same name as the greatest guitarist of all time, he is a Martial Arts expert and owns a collection of showrd including a 29-inch carbon steel Samurai sword.

Back to the story in question…

Hendrix was alerted by his son that his neighbour was screaming because a mugger was trying force his way into the house. A fourth-degree black belt in the Kishindo, he grabbed his 29-inch carbon steel Samurai sword and ran out to confront the mugger.  

Taken completely aback, the robber later identified as 37-year-old Grant Eggertsen high tailed it out of there without a second thought. His run in with Hendrix seemed to have a lasting impression on Eggertsen as only an hour later he handed himself into the police.

If I saw the Kishindo expert running at me with a 29-inch sword I have no doubt that I would be heading in the opposite direction as quick as possible. Guts or Nuts? Mr Hendrix, I take my hat off to you sir you have Guts!


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