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Burglar hogtied

When Robert Cole woke up one morning and decided that today was a good day to break into a house, he should have gone back to bed! Little did Cole know, he was about to have the worst, and possibly most embarrassing day of his life… or maybe he is as big a dumb ass as this story makes him seem…



Denay Houston and her husband heard breaking glass at about 6 a.m. and her husband went to investigate. Houston’s husband, releasing that they were about to be broken into, waited for the would-be thief to come through the front of the house and then pounced.

In seconds, the husband had the Cole on the ground with his arms and legs tied behind his back, just like in the rodeo… just wait it gets better. The husband then proceeded to get ready for work, finally leaving Cole hogtied on the front lawn for the police as he went to work. Can I get a DAME!!

Still it gets better, when asked for an interview by a local television crew, the husband’s response was simply sorry I have to get to work. Okay so let’s sum up: rodeo ninja, all around bad ass, according to his wife; superhero and finally modest, hardworking and committed to providing for his family! What a guy!

Not only did this take Guts, but what a bad ass! If more criminals were being hogtied and left out for the public to see, I firmly believe crime would drop drastically.

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