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Chris Miller is Iron Man

Imagine putting together the single greatest Halloween costume of all time, what would the costume be? Yup, I answered an Iron Man suit too and so did Chris Miller. He then decided to put together, not just any Iron Man Halloween costume, but the greatest, most realistic Iron Man suit ever created… well that I know of!



I think you can agree that the brilliant Mr. Miller really did outdo himself with this one…We're dishing out a Guts bonus for this one, that's for sure!



That however is only beginning of the story, and what Chris Miller does with the suit when it is not being used as a Halloween costume is the real story. It all started with a Reddit post from Gr8whtd0pe, who claims to be a friend of Miller’s, which went viral with more than 28,000 upvotes.

So what was everyone so interested in? Well Chris Miller was putting on the suit and visiting Children’s hospitals! If you are as heart warmed as I am, you are also imagining being that age and seeing Iron Man coming down the hall to visit you.

Chris Miller, you are a stand-up guy and you get the Guts badge of honour for bravery and giving the flame of five year old me a little oxygen!



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