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Highest BASE jump ever

Red Bull has become synonymous with amazing sporting achievements. With the help of a Russian, yes it’s the crazy Russians again, extreme sport star Valery Rozov (48) they have done it again.



Mount Everest has been associated throughout history with the persistence and grit of the human spirit. After four days of trekking up the highest mountain in the world Rozov flew off the north face and set the world’s highest BASE jump.

The 7220 meter, 23,688 feet above sea level jump lasted nearly a full minute with Rozov reaching speeds of nearly 200 km/h or 125 mph. The jump was a challenge because of the high altitude and thin air. This resulted in Rozov taking far longer than usual to transition from his freefall to flying. However the jump went perfectly as he landing safely on Rongbuk glacier.

The verdict is a very easy Guts! Valery Rozov you have pulled off something truly death defying, breath-taking and inspiring. Crazy Russians we salute you again as you continue to make us amazed and sometimes even amused.

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