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How Far Will England Make It In Euro 2016?

After England’s defeat at the group stages of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the first time the team has left the World Cup at the group stage in 56 years, the nations pride and optimism has taken a severe knock.


In order to gage the feelings of the general public towards England’s hopes at the Euro 2016, we have asked 1,200 people in Britain how far they think England will progress in the upcoming 2016 UEFA European Championship.


The survey reveals that the British publics views for England’s team are decidedly pessimistic.



The general consensus (33.4%) think that England will make it through to the group stages, but no further. This is closely followed by 30.1% of respondents who think that that England won’t even qualify.


The remaining stats are equally as negative. 18.1% of Brits think that the team will make it to the quarterfinals, 5.4% think that they will get through to the semi finals, and a meager 13% of respondents believe that they will make it all the through to the final.


2016 will mark the 15th UEFA European Championship. Euro 2016 will be held in France between June 10th and July 10th, after beating Italy and Turkey for the right to host the finals.


Rather than the traditional 16-team format, Euro 2016 will now consist of 24 teams. France automatically have a place in the tournament due to their position as hosts, however the remaining 53 teams will have to compete for a place between this September and November 2015.


The main tournament will consist of a group stage where six groups of four teams compete. This will then be followed by a knockout stage including three rounds and the final.


Despite the nations cynical predictions, we are still rooting for England!

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