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Jake of all trade, master of all of them!

From Parkour to martial arts and even a skateboarding, this man might just be the most talented individual on the face of the planet.



From the time he wakes up from his mattress on the floor this guy eats (although you never see him eating), breathes and sleeps perfection! He starts off with a little Parkour making gravity his…

Next he moves onto martial arts with amazing feats of athleticism and perfect form. Then he amazes further by showing his skills with a skateboard and by this point you truly feel that this man is capable of absolutely anything.

From this point, no matter how small the skill, stacking dice with a cup or running up and along walls he pulls it off with ease. To end? He pulls off an insane combination of movements to get ready for bed and then sets down to sleep.

Nuts or Guts? Or maybe both, because he could anything you asked of him and more. Most of us wish we could master one skill, this guy wakes up and decides what skill to master next!

Categories: News , Viral Video
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