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Mario Kart saves boy and his grandmother

Video games have long since been given a negative stigma. Your mother telling you that you are going to get square eyes from staring at the TV too long, or professional postulating that violent video games cause violent behavior, it has always given video games a bit of a bad name. Gryffin Sanders, however, is changing that one saved granny at a time…



Ten year old Gryffin was taking a ride with his granny and younger brother in Golden, Colorado. The trouble started when the 72 year old grandmother passed out at the wheel while travelling at 60mph. This, as I am sure you have already concluded for yourself, is a recipe for disaster and tragedy.

You forgot about Gryffin though! The ten year old jumped into action, leaping across and taking the wheel. He then directed the car away from incoming traffic and into a nearby ditch. The car came to a gentle stop with all occupants of the car safe and sound.

Here is the best part… Gryffin attributed his quick reactions and ability to steer the car out of harm’s way on Mario Kart Wii. Happy ending and a gold star for video games, now this is a story!

Gryffin you get a Guts for being calm under pressure and restoring video games’ good name.

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