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Newton can keep his “Physics”

Evel Knievel would bow down and worship at the insanity that is Robbie Maddison.



Robbie Maddison is a motorcycle daredevil that is known for breaking records and coming up with some of the most mind blowing stunts ever. In the church of insanity Robbie Maddison is the lord himself and he is here to spread his insanity and inspire a new generation of daredevils.

The Arche d’ Triomphe jump in front of the Paris Las Vegas is one of Maddision’s most iconic jumps and like so many other insane moments, Red Bull was there to give a helping hand. The jump was straight up 29 meters, or ten stories landing on a space no bigger than an average size carport.

The landing consisted of a 24 meter drop back to earth to complete the trick that left my mouth wide open. The daredevil extraordinaire performed the trick with no ropes and barely any safety gear.

Guts or Nuts? I am about as conflicted as I have ever been. On the one hand he must have had balls the size of grapefruits to even attempt this, on the other hand what sane human being would attempt this insanity?

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