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South African wins Comrades 2013

Claude Moshiywa, a 39-year-old South African marathon runner has won the 2013 edition of the Comrades Marathon. Moshiywa’s win ends the two decade foreign stranglehold on the up run with the emphatic victory.



Moshiywa completed the course in five hours, 32 minutes, 08 seconds to secure a historic victory. The clearly overcome athlete collapsed at the finish after winning what many consider to be the toughest marathon run in the world.

The runner described his final moments of the race stating, "I was so excited when I reached the final stretch and it means a lot to have done it after so many years."

The 90km Ultramarathon was established in 1921 and alternates between the up and down runs between Durban and Pietermaritzburg. The 2013 addition was an up run that started in Durban with the finish in Pitermartizburg.  

Okay so to recap, the 39-year-old smashed the 90km run… 39? That really is amazing and Moshiywa you make me feel very lazy! You my friend have Guts!

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