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Book of Dead
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Book of Dead
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The Professor goes to China

He is known as The Professor and seeing him on a basketball court shows what he is considered to be a professor in, BASKETBALL! This 28 year old street ball player has risen to the pinnacle of the sport. His play features some of the most inventive, imaginative and perfectly executed moves the sport has ever seen…



This footage is from the BallUp tour to China! The professor makes a 6 foot 7 Chinese player his… well you get what I mean! The Chinese baller takes exception to the bop to the head and goes after The Professor with murder in his eyes!

The only thing more amazing than The Professor’s play is his story. Grayson Boucher… yup that is why he prefers to be called The Professor, I would too… was born in Portland, Oregon in the US. Boucher and his brother decided to attend the AND! Mixtape Tour event in his home town and his life changed forever.

Arriving at the event he found out that they offered an “open run” tryout to join the tour. Boucher entered blew the judges mind and quickly became a central part of the AND1 tour.

Yes Mr The Professor, or Mr Boucher… whichever you prefer… I am giving you a big Guts on this one. Your story is inspiring and I had a good laugh at this clip.

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