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Third world high jump

In a world where first world countries spend millions on developing sports stars, it is an ever present mystery how third world countries continue to produce some of the most distinguished athletes of all time.



This Kenyan high school is the very definition of third world with only two upright pieces of wood holding up the horizontal. This high jump master class shows how even under the most basic conditions you can train champions. The title of “Amazing Kenyan High School High Jump” is as a result as relevant a title as I have ever heard. Worthy of a Guts bonus if anything!

The video shows high jumper, after high jumper not only easily clear the staggering height, but not even needing a mat to land safely on? AMAZING! The last time I tried high jump I thought the mat was too hard – first world problems I know! 

Africa has not had the easiest of histories yet through an unwavering spirit has managed to drive the most amazing achievements. The verdict is as a result a very easy Guts, Africa you got skills and I respect you for never giving up.

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