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This is what happens when you ask 1,000 Americans who Wayne Rooney is...

We asked 1,000 Americans who Wayne Rooney is and the overwhelming majority either don’t know or frankly couldn’t care less.


So don’t worry, Wazza. If you’re sick of making the back pages in England, it seems you can always emigrate to the USA and enjoy a life of anonymous obscurity. Enjoy our promos as well! Clik here for the latest Guts bonus sports.


Here’s the top answers from our survey asking 1,000 Americans: “Who is Wayne Rooney?” 

 Wayne Rooney Survey

  • Don’t know – 59.9%
  • Soccer Player – 10.3%
  • Actor – 3.4%
  • Don’t care – 1.9%
  • A man – 1%
  • Baseball player – 0.4%

And, you know what, Wazza? If playing down the left for Roy Hodgson isn’t your thing, then maybe you can turn your hand to acting, ice hockey, stand up comedy or even poetry. On second thoughts, maybe give the poetry a miss, eh? 

Yep, some respondents gave some more “out there” answers, with some special mentions for the individuals who gave the following answers: 

  • President
  • Poet
  • Country and Western Star
  • Hockey player
  • Game show host

Just in case you’re struggling to envisage Rooney in one of these roles, we’ve done it for you:

Who is wayne rooney

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