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Witch mother

Don’t be fooled by the title, this mother is not a witch, this mother is a hero and a badass. Let’s set the scene a knife wielding madman jumps out and tries to highjack you with your two kids in the back of the car, what do you do? Go…



Okay so did you think about you would have done? Well here is what Texas mother of two, Dorothy Baker-Flugence did! As the dumb ass hijacker tried to put the knife to Dorothy’s throat, she rammed the car into a pole, hoping that he would fly through the windshield… she didn’t stop there though, and her super mom started to show itself!

After not flying through the windshield, Dorothy punched him in the face ripped the knife from his hand and threw him out of the car! Then she realised that he may be able to do this to someone else, mmm… what to do? Yes that’s right she ran him over with her car!

Still wondering where the witch part came in? Well in an interview after the face Dorothy explained her actions against the would be hijacker stating, "I told him, he messed with the wrong witch," I wasn’t sure what she meant either, but it does make a great title don’t you think?

Let’s not forget about the verdict, all together now Guts! You were going for Nuts weren’t you? ;)


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