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Bad Beat Jackpot

'Cause that shouldn't be possible...
'Cause nobody is that unlucky...

'Cause nobody is that unlucky
'Cause that shouldn't be possible!
'Cause quads come with insurance at Guts
'Cause WTF just happened...
'Cause "this game is rigged!!"

Unbelievable! You’ve got two small pairs: 8s…and 8s. And the fish across the table has just showed his entire stack across the line! What a schmuck! A chair-spin is in order before you click the "CALL" button. But wait! The pot goes the wrong way. What is this sorcery? A freakin’ straight flush?!?

Too many PC’s has been thrown out of windows after situations such as this. We had to do something, and our solution was a Progressive Bad Beat Jackpot.


It’s super easy to get access to this vital insurance against the most epic of bad beats. Simply opt in by clicking the Bad Beat ticker in the bottom right corner of any qualifying table. Once you have opted in, you will contribute €0.02 per hand towards the jackpot. As long as you have opted in and contributing, you’ll be eligible to win cash prizes the jackpot if it hits.

The jackpot hits when a player holding four of a kind or better loses the hand. We’re talking quads vs quads or something even sicker. Even if the players involved in the hand are not opted in themselves, the jackpot hits and everybody at the table gets a piece! In fact, everybody playing at the same stake will get their piece of the jackpot-pie! So, if you’re thinking: "That stuff never happens to me", you might be right, but it could happen to some poor schmuck sitting next to you...

Then again, it’s completely up to you if you want to participate or not. You can opt in and out at any time. Once you’re opted out though, you will not be eligible to win prizes. No pie for you. There’s no rake on the jackpot, all the money contributed will be divided amongst the players! The size of the jackpot is easily visible in the Guts Poker Client.

  • The winning and losing hand must include both the hole cards.
  • The losing hand must be Four of a Kind, 2s or better.
  • The hand must go to showdown. (like you would fold quads. LOL)
  • The hand must be raked and the jackpot contribution collected.
  • The hand must be played on Hold’em tables.
  • The hand must be played on stake levels €0.10/€0.20 and up.


The player with the losing hand (The Bad beat) 40%
The player with the winning hand (The highest-ranking hand) 20%
Other players at the table dealt into qualifying hand 10%
Other players playing at the same table stake levels 10%
Amount that is used to see the next jackpot 20%
House administration fee 0%
Total 100%
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