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Dead or Alive
Margaret H voittti juuri
Dead or Alive
€ 12
Pink Elephants
Kjell A voittti juuri
Pink Elephants
€ 12
Gonzo's Quest
laura h voittti juuri
Gonzo's Quest
€ 4.25
Cinderella's Ball
Shawn N voittti juuri
Cinderella's Ball
€ 12.6
Bust The Bank
Stein Ole J voittti juuri
Bust The Bank
€ 30

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Cumberbatch is Guts man of the week

Benedict Cumberbatch is known for his role in the BBC series Sherlock as well as his most recent big budget Hollywood role in Star Trek Into Darkness. However, he has not taken his rise to fame lightly and this week he put his new found position in the spotlight to good use.

Benedict Cumberbatch Message For The Paparazzi


The evolution of the way news is chosen and reported has changed drastically in the past ten to twenty years. The idea of hard news reporting and in depth analysis has been replaced with entertainment and gossip. This story is, however not a critique on the modern news network, but rather a look at one man’s view on the Paparazzi. Look at it either way you want, but the Guts casino no deposit bonus codes are defitiely blitzing!

It is nice to seen in an age where the Kim Kardashians of the world are desperate to get every second of the spotlight they can, a lone light in the darkness Benedict Cumberbatch used his time in front of the glow of the Paparazzi’s camera flashes to show the rest of us how it’s done.

So Mr. Cumberbatch you are our Guts man of the week, a honor I am sure you are honored to receive… or maybe I am just honored to bestow it.