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Steam Tower
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Steam Tower
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Sticky Bandits
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Sticky Bandits
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Rainbow Riches Pick'n'Mix
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Rainbow Riches Pick'n'Mix
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Lucky New Year
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Lucky New Year
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Mega Spins Break Da Bank
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Mega Spins Break Da Bank
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Dynamo in London

Whether you choose to just accept it, or you are drawn to finding answers on how an illusionist performs his tricks we all love a good show. Well-known illusionist/magician (call him what you will) Dynamo took to London on an iconic double decker red bus to perform his latest trick. Can you figure it out? Do you care how he does it? 



This is one that we will all accept as a trick but explaining it might not be so easy. Dynamo appears to be levitating next to the bus as he grabs on for a little population. The bus ride went past some of the most iconic landmarks London has to offer and had many with their mouths gaping in amazement.

Confession time, this stunt was part of a Pepsi. Yes, yes I know! Big industry sticking its nose in where it doesn’t belong and running it for everyone. Pepsi however, where not the only killjoys on this ride, thank you YouTube commentators you take that prize.

YouTube commentators were quick to explain exactly how it was done and ridicule anyone who was amazed. Unhappy people want company, I know! A little piece of advice though, if you know how they did it, keep it to yourself! Some of us enjoy a good show, regardless of the mechanics.

Not that it really matters now, but I’m giving this one a Guts!!

Categories: News , Viral Video