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5th grader takes charge

It has often been said that the younger they start they better they are. This has been true for the like of Michael Jordon, Tiger Woods and countless other famous sports stars. If this is indeed the case then, Julian Newman a fifth-grader from Orlanda, Florida (yup Hollywood couldn’t have scripted this one better) is set to be one of the greatest basketball players the sport has ever seen.



Well… I’m a little speechless! This 4’5” fifth-grader who starts for a high school, yes you read that right – HIGH SCHOOL, team at the Downey Christian School in Orlandop, Florida pulled on his sneakers and got set to take one some of the most talented bascketball players in the US.

Not just other fifth-graders though, that wouldn’t be amazing enough, Julian was set to test his skill in a Hot Sauce vs. And1 exhibition match. These two all-star teams are both dripping with talent and feature some of the most talented street basketball players in the world.

Julian’s ball control, vision and skill is hard to deny and it had been getting just as excited as the crowd when he sunk a huge, for a fifth-grader that is, three pointer! That’s why his get a big fat Guts, keep up the good work young man.

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