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Cooling tower jump

Yes we are in good old Russia again, and the destination is a disused cooling tower that has been turned in an adrenaline junkies’ wet dream.



I like to think that this is a relic from the Soviet Union that has been transformed into something that can be enjoyed. However there is no real evidence of that so we are left with a group of insane Russian friends sitting up at the top of a cooling tower.

Three… two… one… and the first Russian is off, three… two… one… number two goes off the side, three, four and five follow in quick succession, although I doubt they jumped that closely together. They plummet to the ground and the white backdrop of the snow comes into view… they kind of makes me think it must have been freezing waiting up there.

All in all each mans, there might have been a woman or two in there, adrenaline fuelled experience last for only a few seconds. The experience is however one that I am would be happy to strap on I try for myself. The verdict though, with the makeshift safety gear and probably freezing weather, yup these Russians are Nuts!

Categories: Epic , Insane