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Guts har lansert
May 22, 2013

16 hours at sea

Have you ever treaded water for an extended period of time? Maybe you are a swimmer or water polo player and think that it’s easy? How about doing it for 16 hours? Surviving something like that takes mental fortitude, bravery and yes, you guessed it a whole lot of Guts! Take a look…



20 year-old, third-year marine biology student at the New College of Florida, Heather Barnes decided to go snorkeling alone before dawn. She wanted to collect coral samples as was keen to get an early start. However, her stomach and leg stated to cramp and unable to fight the current she was swept out.

I know what you are thinking this sounds like the opening scene of a horror/thriller movie and that Barnes should be played by a tall blonde girl with great… teeth and a tiny bikini (any Hollywood directors out there interested?) this however is how Heather Barnes’ Friday morning started. So much for TGIF.

Barnes treaded water for a couple of hours before realizing that the only way she was going to be rescued is if she got closer to shore. So she started swimming. Focusing her aim on a light she could see on shore, she kept swimming. The sun started to set and she kept swimming…

Did someone eventually rescue her?

NO! After hours and hours of swimming, suffering sunburn and jelly fish stings, Barnes swam herself back to shore. She pulled herself out and up onto a coral reef before locals in a kayak found her and taking her home.

Let’s summarize: that’s what I call GUTS! Plus, if you are going to go snorkeling before dawn, DON’T go alone!

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