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Guts har lansert
May 22, 2013

Avant-garde Japanese street skater

There are a few skaters who come along and change the sport forever! First there was Tony Hawk and now an unknown Japanese street skater, with some of the most inventive and extreme tricks the sport has ever seen.



The first thing that catches my eye is that none of the outtakes of the skater eating concrete have been removed. This leaves a raw, personal look at a skater’s highs and lows as he conquers the city.

In true Japanese style, the video is weird combination of amazing skating with jumps cuts to random images and a last half minute of utter confusion for the viewer. If there wasn’t the addition of the amazing skating, by what could possibly be one of the greatest street skaters of the modern era, I would say that the video itself is an avant-garde masterpiece.

Answering the question of whether he is guts or nuts? I am going to have to go with nuts! He seems to have no regard for his health and the thought process behind this piece of avant-garde filmmaking must take a man with at least one or two screws loose.

All in all, I salute you random Japanese street skater you are truly a skating master.

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