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Guts har lansert
May 22, 2013

The Russian and the fox

Yes another one out of the heart of mother Russia, don’t we just love our Russians. However, this one is going to have you saving one what a guy, rather than dame Russians be crazy. It was a sunny day when this guy got a visitor from an unlikely source…



A fox is more likely to run away from any sign of human than to even think about approaching two humans for help. However, knowing it was in a bit of a pickle this fox walks up to two Russians guys after it gets its head stuck in a jar.

Yes curiosity almost killed the… um fox (close enough). One of the guys though leans down and pulls the fox’s head out of the jar. The fox is immediately off towards the safety of the tree line, pausing just before it to take a look back at its rescuers. One of the guys do, however sarcastically ask, “Where’s the thank you?”

Although it is sad that this beauty of Mother Nature was put in this position, it is undeniable that this guy deserves a Guts verdict all the way. Who needs to hunt a fox when you can save a fox’s life!

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