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Gravity who?

There are freerunners and then there is Brandon McCuien.



This gravity defying footage of Brandon McCuien is from the 2011 LoopKicks event, a showcase for the world’s greatest freerunners. The crowd echoes my reactions to Brandon’s seemingly spring loaded legs as he rockets skywards for double and maybe even a triple flip or two.

The frantic movement seems to be endless as his springs from move to move as my eyes grow wider and my mouth opens wider.

With the introduction of the music timed perfectly for his landing and taking off it becomes a truly entertaining clip. I was riveted for the full clip and found myself going back again and again with my mouth open in disbelief at Brandon’s athleticism.  

Brandon is known as one of the greatest freerunners the sport has ever seen and it isn’t too hard to see why. With an abundance of skill it is difficult not to envy his skill and answering the questions of is he Nuts or does he have Guts? Guts it is!

Categories: News , Viral Video
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