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Lady in the Red Dress

The protests in Istanbul, Turkey have for the most part garnered world-wide media coverage. I know… not exactly a feel good story but the bravery of one woman is without doubt worth sharing. This picture has been shared world-wide and has quickly become a symbol of resistance for the people of Turkey.


Lady in the Red Dress


The picture has become known as the Lady in the Red Dress and just looking at you can see that she is not the militant brick throwing protestor you would expect, in fact she looks like she was probably on her way to lunch with friends. However, if she was expecting to have a nice lunch with friends she would be sorely mistaken.

An unnamed faceless member of Istanbul’s riot police felt so threaten by the Lady in the Red Dress that, he proceeded to douse her, head to toe, in pepper spray. The woman made an effort to turn her head, but as someone who has experienced pepper spray I can guarantee you she must have been in pain for days.

The woman, Ceyda Sungur is the unlikeliest of heroines and when asked about her picture personifying the Turkish people’s struggle she was, to say the least, humble. This one is an easy Guts! She took a pepper spray bath, still managed to look great and started global recognition of the country’s struggle.

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