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Onlookers push 32-ton train to save woman

Setting the scene; a woman is standing on a train platform in JR Minami-Urawa station, just north of Tokyo, Japan when a lapse is concentration and balance sees her fall down an 8-inch gap between the train and the platform. She is trapped with on way to get out and with the constant threat of the train moving off she is in trouble. So what do the onlookers do?



Yes that’s right they push over a 32-tin train just enough to pull the woman free! The incident happened during rush hour on Monday morning and, as luck would have it, was captured by a photo journalist that just happened to be waiting on the platform, no graining, out of focus smartphones pictures here.

The feat sounds super human but because the train works on a suspension system, the 40 onlookers/passengers were able to shift the train just enough to get the woman out. Now to the amazing efficiency of Japan and her people – the train was back on its route with a mere eight-minute delay! No delay in the Guts bonus sports however, credited instantly!     

What I really love about this story are the pictures which fill me with national pride, even though I am not Japanese. The 40 onlookers/passengers working together to rescue a fellow countryman… well woman… from danger.

This one is simple, Japan you got GUTS!

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