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Arcade Bomb

Game Description

Kaboom! Did you hear that? That’s the sound of bombs detonating in all directions! Red Tiger Gaming presents Arcade Bomb, a 5 reel slot full of explosions and the potential for massive wins. The mechanics of this slot are original but they also have well known symbols including fruits, BAR, bells and 7’s. Arcade Bomb is a mix of classic and retro arcade and this is what makes it so appealing.

How to Play

Before you can say “fire in the hole”, you’ll need to adjust your bets. The stake box is located to the left of the screen. Click on it to set your preferred stake, which ranges from 0.10 to 300.00. Once you’re ready to play, hit the spin button to begin. You may use Autoplay should you prefer automatic spins.

Game Features

Arcade Bomb isn’t like most slots. It doesn’t have Wilds or Scatters and neither Free Spins. This slot does however have something rather unique and it’s called Reel Bombs. For each spin, any number of coloured bombs can land in any position on the reels. Once they pop up, they begin a countdown and each bomb has a different one. When the timer reaches ZERO, the bombs explode and leave behind a random symbol in adjacent cells matching their blast pattern. Bombs that are still on a countdown may also explode, if they are caught in the blast radius of exploded ones, thus creating a massive chain of winning combinations!

We’ll now highlight the 4 different coloured bombs and their unique blast patterns:

Yellow: Vertical blast pattern,

Blue: Horizontal blast pattern,

Green: Explodes both Horizontally and Vertically,

Purple: Explodes Diagonally.

Game Details

Software Provider - Red Tiger Gaming

Paylines - 20

Reels - 5

Max. win - 1,000 coins

RTP - 96.15%