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IMMORTAL ROMANCE: Step into a Realm Where Love Defies Time

Enter the eerie realm of the vampire world with Microgaming’s Immortal Romance. This pokie tempts you with whispers of ancient secrets and ageless love affairs. As the moonlight filters through the dark, you're invited to unlock tales of immortal lovers, while spinning reels that could turn to wins at Guts Online Casino New Zealand. The allure of forbidden love, the mysteries of the immortals, and a plethora of exclusive features make this pokie more than just a game – it’s a timeless love affair with fortune!

Delving into the Beguiling Vortex of Immortal Romance

The heart of Immortal Romance throbs with features that enrapture the senses of Kiwi players. This twilight realm, where vampires and mortals are entwined in forbidden love, is evocatively portrayed through symbols that adorn the reels. This pokie, with its 243 ways to win, lures Kiwis into its embrace with the allure of secrets waiting to be unravelled amidst crumbling castles and love letters penned with blood. One must not overlook the exquisite artistry that breathes life into the reels. The symbols range from a gothic ambience to the characters themselves, each with their own enigmatic backstory.

Trial of Immortality: Venture Unfettered in Demo Mode

Guts Casino invites the Kiwis to tread the dimly-lit hallways of Immortal Romance without wagering any mortal coin. The demo mode is an enticing introduction that allows you to become well-acquainted with the twisted stories this pokie offers.

Undying Love Awaits in Your Palm: Embrace the Mobile Experience

In a world as relentless as the immortals’, Guts Casino New Zealand ensures that your foray into the realm of Immortal Romance is not hampered by the trivialities of mortal life. Immortal Romance on mobile stands poised to transport you to its depths. The game's bewitching allure remains unscathed and continues to tease the strings of your heart, irrespective of where you choose to play.

Shadows of Time: Immortal Romance’s Unfolding Saga

Within the folds of Immortal Romance, there lies an intricate web of stories and destinies, one that transcends the mundane and encroaches upon the realm of the immortals. This legend among online pokies is not just about spinning reels and winning rewards; it narrates the captivating chronicles of Amber, Troy, Michael, and Sarah, whose lives are bound in an eternal symphony of shadows, secrets, and desires.

Amber, a Caribbean witch with a lineage dating back to the Salem witches, treads with caution through the hallowed halls of Immortal Romance. Her angelic appearance is matched only by her fierce will to defend those she loves.

Troy, a vampire of 200 years, is a rogue at heart. He seeks the pleasures of life with a voracious appetite. His ancient, dark past is filled with secrets that only the reels dare whisper.

Michael is an 800-year-old vampire, whose suave countenance conceals an undying heart yearning for forbidden love. His romance with Sarah is one that defies the bounds of time and kindles the flames of passion through centuries.

Finally, Sarah, a mortal doctor in search of answers to age-old questions, is the epitome of grace and intellect. Her alliance with Michael unveils the possibility of an immortal existence.

The Beguiling Aura of Immortal Romance’s Theme

Stepping into Immortal Romance is like crossing the threshold into an opulent, shadow-laden gothic estate, where whispers of yore beckon you to explore further. The dark mystique of this pokie is underscored by its sumptuously melancholic design, reminiscent of timeless gothic romances. The architectural details of the ancient halls that the characters traverse are adorned with the solemn beauty of bygone ages, while the star-crossed lovers' movements seem like a dance shadowed by the wings of fate.

The game’s interface complements the theme effortlessly. With every spin, the reels resemble ancient parchment scrolls bearing the secrets of the immortal characters, enveloped in a world that is both beautiful and tragic. Within the game, a library of old books and flickering candles paints the setting, as the characters seem caught in an eternal dance, teetering on the edge of revelation and despair.

Serenades of Shadows: Sound and Visuals

In Immortal Romance, the very air pulsates with a heady blend of haunting music and whispers of ancient secrets. As the reels spin, the eerie melodies echo through the halls, guiding Kiwis’ steps through the labyrinthine corridors of the game's storied world.

The gothic motifs that adorn the reels – from the ornate flourishes to the eerily flickering candles – are designed with painstaking attention to detail. The characters come to life through lifelike animations, their expressions and movements reflecting their inner turmoil and yearning. Together, the sounds and graphics of Immortal Romance create an otherworldly atmosphere, enveloping New Zealand players in a gothic narrative that transcends the confines of the screen.

Emblems of Eternity: Immortal Romance’s Symbols and Enticing Bonuses

In the chambers of Immortal Romance, you are not merely spinning reels, but turning the pages of a grimoire, each page bringing new chances of winning jackpots. Higher-value symbols are in the visage of the protagonists, capturing the reels in their ancient allure, while other symbols like the mysterious house and manuscripts bear the weight of centuries-old secrets.

Amber’s Free Spins Feature

Amber, the haunted sorceress whose heart brims with compassion, summons you into her embrace with 10 free spins, bolstered by a generous 5x multiplier. Her presence on the reels is like a gentle whisper through the dark corridors.

Troy's Free Spins Feature

When the seductive and enigmatic Troy graces the reels, he brings with him the fervour of 15 free spins accentuated by the Vampire Bats feature. As the creatures of the night swoop onto the reels, symbols morph and multiply, reflecting the unpredictable nature of Troy’s vampiric allure.

Michael’s Free Spins Feature

With Michael, the venerable immortal scholar, ancient wisdom is a treasure. His sagacious gaze rewards you with 20 free spins. As each spin cascades into the next, the echoes of time resound through the reels, increasing the multipliers. Like an old book of wisdom, Michael's world unfolds before you, his ancient secrets guiding you along a path strewn with both knowledge and treasure.

Sarah’s Free Spins Feature

With Sarah, the enigmatic enchantress, alchemy is the tool by which miracles are wrought. When she graces your path, you are bestowed with 25 free spins. Sarah’s delicate touch transforms the very essence of symbols, turning them into wilds. As you watch the reels morph under her alchemy, each spin is akin to gazing into a crystal ball where endless possibilities swirl and take shape.

Immortal Romance Wild

As though inscribed with ancient runes, the Immortal Romance logo is a potent Wild symbol. When this emblem takes its place within a winning combination, it brings forth echoes of countless stories, doubling the wins it helps create. A talisman in its own right, it seems to hum with an energy that draws fortune closer.

The Chamber of Spins

In this hidden sanctum, the spirits of Amber, Troy, Michael, and Sarah linger, waiting to share their secrets and bestow their bounties upon you. Each character extends a hand, inviting you into their corner of eternity.

Lower Paying Symbols

Not to be overlooked, the lower paying symbols (9, 10, J, Q, K, and A) are steeped in the same gothic elegance that permeates the halls of Immortal Romance. From the delicately adorned high-card values to ancient scripts, these symbols carry whispers of tales untold, adding texture to the rich story that is Immortal Romance. They may not hold the secrets of the ancients, but their presence adds depth and flavour to your journey through this eternal romance.

The table below summarises the free spins brought to the Kiwis by the four main characters:

| Character | Free Spins |

| --- | --- |

| Amber | 10 free spins |

| Troy | 15 free spins (6x multipliers) |

| Michael | 20 free spins |

| Sarah | 25 free spins |

The RTP and Volatility of Immortal Romance

New Zealand players are certain to be satisfied with the Return to Player rate of 96.86% that Immortal Romance provides, which is rather impressive. This slot has a high level of volatility, which means that there is a greater chance for you to win big amounts of money. Even if winnings may not occur as frequently, the ones that do will surely have a huge impact when they come along.

The Eternal Dance: Mastering the Reels in Immortal Romance

Stepping into the world of Immortal Romance resembles joining an eternal dance, swirling in the rhythm of mystery and enchantment. But to dance with the immortals, one must first master the steps. The dance begins with setting your bet size, your wager being your ticket to the dark yet enthralling ballroom.

Before fully immersing yourself in the dance, we advise you to first sample the tempo of this pokie in Guts Casino's demo mode. Here, you can learn the steps and study the movement of the reels without risking a single cent. In the twilight of this mode, you can observe the characters' features, their stories, their quirks, and their allure. Grasp the rhythm of their steps and let their moves guide you in the dance.

Just like in any dance, timing is essential. Use the free spins at your disposal wisely, timing them to coincide with the melody's rhythm. As the hauntingly beautiful music fills your ears, let the rhythm of the spins guide your journey through the centuries-old corridors of Immortal Romance. In this gothic ballroom, spinning the reels isn't just a game, but a dance with destiny, a symphony of stories waiting to be discovered.

Remember, the dance may be eternal, but the melody changes with each spin. Take the time to understand the rhythm, become one with the music, and the reels of Immortal Romance will reveal their secrets to you.

The Alchemist of Online Slots in New Zealand: Microgaming's Timeless Elixir in Gaming

Microgaming is like a cheerful and wise old wizard, whose magical touch has been turning digital worlds into golden treasures since 1994. By launching what is widely believed to be the world’s first real online casino software, Microgaming set off the spark that would guide numerous gaming adventures.

Always playing the part of the responsible guardian, Microgaming was crucial in setting up eCOGRA (e-Commerce and Online Game Regulation and Assurance). Like a friendly neighbourhood watch, they have kept a keen eye on ensuring fair play and responsible gaming, making sure that their top-notch services and technical skills remain clean as a whistle. This gives Microgaming the aura of a grand old sage who’s seen it all and has been shaping the world of iGaming from the very beginning.

In a stroke of genius, Microgaming realised that trying to create games and run a casino would be like juggling too many balls at once. They decided to put all their energy into crafting amazing games, rather than wearing multiple hats. This focused approach turned them into an essential cornerstone, a guiding star in the vast sea of online gambling.

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Can I play Immortal Romance for free at Guts Casino New Zealand?

Yes, Immortal Romance offers a demo mode which allows you to play the game without wagering any real money. This can be a perfect way to get familiar with the game’s mechanics and features before diving into playing for real cash.

Is Immortal Romance a high volatility slot?

Immortal Romance is considered a high volatility slot, which means that wins might not be frequent, but when they occur, they can be significantly large.

Is Immortal Romance mobile-friendly?

Immortal Romance is optimised for mobile devices, which means that you can indulge in this gothic tale on your smartphone or tablet without compromising on graphics or features.

What is the maximum win in Immortal Romance?

Immortal Romance offers the possibility to win up to 12,150 times your initial stake in a single spin, particularly during the free spins feature.

Who are the developers of Immortal Romance?

Immortal Romance is developed by Microgaming, a pioneer in the online casino gaming industry. Microgaming has been crafting top-quality and innovative games since 1994, and Immortal Romance stands as one of their most popular and timeless offerings.