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Moon Princess: Venture to the Stars

Ever dreamed of waving a magic wand to do some magic? Moon Princess is here to sprinkle some celestial pixie dust on your day! This luminous online pokie from Play'n GO is no ordinary spinning affair. Matter of fact, it's an intergalactic festival where fantastical moon maidens conjure ethereal melodies and starry rewards. We promise this pokie will give you excitement at Guts Online Casino New Zealand, where the guardians of the night sky are summoning you for a mystical frolic among the stars! Moon gems, radiant princesses, and features like Girl Power and cascading symbols are waiting for Kiwis to join!

Moonglade Revelries: Delve into Moon Princess’s Astral Delights

Ready to jig with moonbeams? Moon Princess flutters you into an astral paradise bathed in moonlight and echoing with silvery laughter. This pokie isn’t just magical; it's an ode to anime, where divine princesses and twinkling constellations pirouette to celestial tunes. Your mission is to align three or more matching symbols either horizontally or vertically. And what happens when you do? That's when the moonlit party begins! One click of the verdant button and you’ll be whirling through the starlit path, and all of that from your New Zealand home.

The Astral Gateway Beckons: Moon Princess in Free Demo Mode

"But wait," you might object, "what if I just want to get the sense of stardust?" New Zealanders on the road need not be concerned about it either. Guts Casino has provided you with an easy way to travel across space. You can go to the moon and return for free in the demo version of Moon Princess. Acquaint yourself with the bright three and learn Moon Princess's hidden mysteries without giving a dime to the celestial treasuries.

Moonlit Quests in the Palm of Your Hand

The Moon Princess is always up for new experiences. The pokie is easily accessible from your mobile device thanks to Guts Casino's sophisticated mobile interface. The starry celebration continues around the clock, so you can enjoy it whether you're sleeping in or in line for coffee.

Glistening Like Moonlight: Moon Princess Theme

Inspired by the colourful world of Japanese animation, Moon Princess transports Guts players in New Zealand to a heavenly ball where the princesses of Love, Star, and Storm hold court. This is a fantastical heavenly adventure in which your fellow travellers are beautiful princesses and the infinite expanse of space provides a breathtaking backdrop.

Serenade of the Cosmos

The Moon Princess pokie doesn't just stop at mesmerising gameplay; it weaves magic into its visual and auditory aspects too. Each character, each symbol, exudes a charming anime-like aesthetic, twirling their spell in a shower of cosmic glitter. The entrancing soundtrack complements the graphics, sending an enchanting echo across the cosmos. It's not just a game, but a symphony of sight and sound, bound to keep you entranced in this moonlit carnival.

The Astral Key: Stargazing into Moon Princess's Stellar Bonuses

In Moon Princess, there are a variety of engaging bonuses contained within the game's bonus chests. Picture yourself as an adventurer, uncovering an ancient celestial map that suggests the existence of fascinating discoveries. These aren't ordinary bonuses; each one has some unique flavour to it.

A Meteor Shower of Winnings: The Cascading Symbol Drop

As you align your constellations (symbols), the winning ones dissolve in a haze of starlight. From above, new symbols rain down like shooting stars in a meteor shower. It’s called the Symbol Drop Feature, and each win fills the night sky with the promise of more potential jackpots, as multipliers pile on like extra treasure in your cosmic chest.

Enchantress, Arise! Wield the Sceptre with the Girl Power Feature

The princesses Love, Star, and Storm are your ethereal guardians in this astral quest. Love, the enchantress of the heart, morphs symbols into opportunities. Star, the keeper of wonders, showers up to two wilds. And Storm, the tempestuous sorceress, sends symbols into oblivion. As the Girl Power Feature comes into play, the princesses dance across the grid, their powers painting your voyage.

Free Spins, The Astral Ballet the New Zealand’s Sky

An enthralling feature awaits once you manage to clear the grid of its glittering symbols. By doing so, you activate the Free Spins feature, a captivating spectacle that can be likened to a spinning carousel among the stars. This is not just a mere aesthetic addition; it's a potentially beneficial twist in your gameplay, providing the opportunity to be awarded up to 20 free spins.

Celestial Runes: Decrypting the Icons of Moon Princess

Kiwis, you shouldn't think of these symbols as mere icons; rather, they are astral runes, which are ageless and steeped in magic. The runes that belong to Moon Princess are like their own universe. Each of the dazzling hearts and stars, as well as the regal trio of Love, Star, and Storm, is a piece of art that exemplifies the majesty of the cosmos.

The moon is the Wild emblem, and it acts as a key to unlock the doors that lead to new opportunities. In this realm, the princesses serve as the high priestesses, while the bells, hearts, and stars that you collect serve as your talismans and other equipment. The web of uncountable marvels is created by their joint use of magic.

Secrets of the Silver Sphere: Moon Princess RTP and Wave of Fortune

The Return to Player (RTP) of online pokies is a bit like reading the stars for luck – it's a guide, a hint of what might be to come. For the uninitiated, RTP is the long-term, theoretical percentage of stakes a game returns to New Zealand players. With Moon Princess, this guide to fortune is marked at a promising 96%. It's a glittering hint, as good as any in the vast cosmos, that somewhere ahead, your starlight journey might just hit a jackpot!

High volatility? To many, this may sound like an unexpected comet streaking across your starry sky. But fear not! In the gaming cosmos, volatility refers to the risk involved in a game – the frequency and magnitude of payouts. With a high volatility game like Moon Princess, your starry trail might see fewer immediate treasures, but hang in there! The universe of Moon Princess is designed to reward the patient explorer. While the wins may be spaced like distant stars, when they burst onto your horizon, they are as magnificent and vast as a supernova.

Steer Through Moon Princess with Grace

Playing Moon Princess resembles piloting a starship through a magical galaxy. Set your course by placing your bet, and when you're ready, hit that gleaming green spin button to blast off. The goal here is simple - align three or more matching symbols either horizontally or vertically to earn your starry rewards. Keep an eye on the princesses too, as they're not just there for their good looks; their magic is real, and it’s powerful!

Astral Tips for the Cosmic Connoisseur in Moon Princess

Before you start sailing through this ethereal wonderland, it’s wise to have a game plan. Imagine yourself as a cosmic explorer embarking on an interstellar voyage, equipped with your own set of trusty space gadgets. Just as you wouldn't set off into space without preparations and some supplies, you shouldn’t dive into the Moon Princess without a little bit of prep. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

● Stellar Responsibility: The Moon Princess world is a trove of excitement, but remember to set your bets responsibly. It’s easy to get lost in the beauty of the cosmos, but keep your feet on the ground and your head in the stars.

● Take a Test Flight: Guts Casino offers a demo mode for Moon Princess. This is your chance to take a test flight through the astral realms. Get to know the game and its features without the risk - think of it as your training mission.

● Embrace the Magic, But Stay Focused: Immerse yourself in the enchanting universe of Moon Princess, but don’t forget why you’re there - to play an exciting game and maybe win some prizes. Keep your wits about you, use the features wisely, and enjoy the journey.

Play'n GO's Cosmic Ascent in Gaming

Once upon a time, a small group of visionaries gazed at the bustling casino world and foresaw its evolution into the digital cosmos. With calculated moves, meticulous planning and astute recruitment, these pioneers transformed their dream into the reality known as Play'n GO. This illustrious game provider, with its legacy in the gaming universe, has dazzled us over the years with ingenious design, electrifying features, and ingeniously crafted mechanisms that have sparked countless thrilling moments.

Venturing boldly where few had before, Play'n GO was among the first to realise the vast potential of mobile gaming. This foresight quickly became their rocket fuel, propelling them ahead of the pack. Throughout their journey, they've released a constellation of slots that would make any gaming galaxy proud. What truly sets Play'n GO apart is their ability to release fresh, high-quality pokies on a regular basis, all while keeping the bar of innovation flying high. Their mantra of Energy, Quality, and Trust drives the creation of their games, acting as their navigational stars.

Since those early days when a handful of dreamers laid the foundations in the mid-90s, Play'n GO has expanded to employ hundreds of staff across offices in Sweden, Malta Hungary, the Philippines, and the UK. Their success is marked not just by their rapid growth, but also by the numerous accolades they've garnered for their slots, testament to the skilful craftsmanship poured into each one.

Galactic Grand Tour: Constellation of Games at Guts

We'll be flying high above Play'n GO's realms, but once we get there, we'll be setting our sights on another exciting dimension: the sparkling constellation of pokies that gives the Guts Casino universe its lively and seductive appeal. We may use the cosmic winds as a compass on these intergalactic journeys. Our first stop is at the sacred Gates of Olympus. With these beautiful six reels and five rows, we've been swept away to a world steeped in Greek mythology. Kiwi Players in New Zealand are in constant excitement as they anticipate the royal bonus game, which promises free spins and multipliers that may reach 500x if they're lucky. The path ahead takes us through the golden sands of Gonzo's Quest, where our adventure continues. Gonzo, the hero of this pokie created by NetEnt and named after the real-life explorer Gonzalo Pizzaro, invites us to discover ancient ruins and have fun with him. The Book of Dead slot machine by Play'n GO takes us farther into the mysterious world of ancient Egypt. When three golden books emerge, a ceremony from long ago is revived, and a free spins bonus game is unlocked. When enigmatic symbols line up, there is an aura of enchantment that can only be found in legends. Next, we'll be propelled into the fruit-filled universe of Jammin' Jars. This jovial slot hides a potent cocktail of free spins, wilds, cascading icons, and multipliers. Unlike standard slot machines, Jammin' Jars rewards players handsomely for clusters of 25 or more identical magical fruits. Our delicious adventure then enters Sweet Bonanza's adventure world. Those who enjoy sugary treats will feel right at home here. Consider a fantastical land where the ground is covered in sparkling sugar crystals and all the objects you come into contact with are made of candy - this is Sweet Bonanza! The six reels and five rows of this 3D pokie from Pragmatic Play are decked up in mouthwatering candies and beautiful fruits. Sweet Bonanza is the cherry on top since it allows you to win both ways and has a staggering maximum multiplier of 21,175. The delectable multipliers and cascading reels should not be forgotten.


What is the Symbol Drop Feature in the Moon Princess pokie?

The Symbol Drop Feature is a bonus mechanism in Moon Princess. When you align your symbols, the winning ones dissolve in a shower of starlight, making room for new potential wins.

What makes Moon Princess unique compared to other pokies?

Moon Princess stands out due to its unique theme inspired by Japanese animation, with its cast of princesses Love, Star, and Storm. The game also features a rich auditory and visual spectacle that transcends regular gameplay.

What is the Return to Player (RTP) and volatility of Moon Princess?

The Moon Princess has a Return to Player (RTP) value of 96%, which is a theoretical indication of how much the game may return to players over a long period of play.

Is there a possibility to practise Moon Princess before playing for real?

Yes, it is possible, as Guts Casino New Zealand offers Kiwi players a chance to practise the game in the demo mode.

Can Moon Princess be played on mobile devices?

Yes, Moon Princess is mobile compatible and can be enjoyed from a variety of devices thanks to the sophisticated mobile interface of Guts Casino. This allows players to enjoy the game anytime, anywhere.