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Cast the runes and see if they fall in your favour in this Norse legend themed slot from Play’n GO. Viking Runecraft is an online slot that has many features on each spin! Read more to find a see how you can score big wins on this game.


  • Progress through the God Levels to get ever-bigger Gifts of the Gods.

  • Collect the Runes of Valhalla to scoop a mighty prize fund.

  • Trigger the Charge of Destruction to cause a winning shakeup on the grid.

  • Get an up to 15x multiplier in the epic Ragnarok feature.


The Viking Runecraft slot works on clusters of 5 or more symbols forming wins on the grid of 49 runes, before disappearing. The remaining symbols will drop down as new symbols fill the gaps like many other online pokies.

God Levels

A level pattern is shown in the background of the game grid and lights up once a win is achieved on each of its squares. Once the entire pattern is illuminated, you’ll advance to the next level and get a new God to watch over you.

Gift of the Gods

Triggered randomly after a non-winning spin, one of the following Gifts occurs, depending on which of the 4 God Levels you are on:

Thor - his lightning will strike and create between 5 and 9 wilds.

Odin - 4 wilds are created in groups of 2.

Freya - her light creates wild clusters until you form a win.

Heimdall - one Wild symbol is created on every row.

Runes of Valhalla

You’ll see 5 runestone symbols in the top left of the game screen, above the bonus amount indicator. If any of these stones form part of a winning cluster, you’ll collect that symbol. Collect at least one stone and clear the current God Level to trigger the Runes of Valhalla bonus game.

When the feature activates, a bonus wheel will appear. Any collected runes will be active on the wheel and if it lands on an active stone, then you’ll get the total bonus amount indicated.

Charge of Destruction

The Runic Shield charges up with every winning symbol, needing 20 symbols for a full charge. When the shield is charged, and no more wins occur, one of 4 following destructive features will trigger:

Fenrir - 4 diagonal lines are selected, 2 are removed, 2 are transformed to the same symbol.

Jormungar - a chain of symbols are selected, some will disappear, some will transform.

Surtr - 3 different symbols are chosen, surrounding symbols are destroyed as others transform.

Loki - 2 different symbol groups are selected, 1 is destroyed, the other is transformed.


Win on an additional 20 symbols when the Charge of Destruction is active, and you’ll trigger the mighty Ragnarok feature when no more wins are formed on the grid. This Free Spins bonus triggers all of the Charge of Destruction features in one mighty sequence. Each new win during this feature increases the round multiplier by 1 up to a superb 15x!


You can look forward to some rewarding wins via the 96.71% RTP rating in the Viking Runecraft slot. It’s also highly volatile so big wins will come, but you might have to remain patient.


You don’t need a degree in Norse lore to enjoy this high-energy slot. Play Viking Runecraft online at Guts casino: it might prove to be a very interesting adventure indeed!

Play the Viking Runecraft slot online at Guts casino New Zealand!