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Aloha! Cluster Pays
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King of Kaiju: Rampage Riches
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7 Piggies
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Crystal Queen
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Elon Musk goes hyper

Imagine getting inside a pod and traveling at 800 miles per hour from one city to another. A six hour journey by car could be reduced to less than an hour and less traveling time means more time to do what you want to do! Is this the future of travel…



Elon Musk is the CEO of Tesla and private space company SpaceX. In addition, he is also credited with being one of the founders PayPal. Musk doesn’t accept the status quo, he goes into a market finds how he could do better and then blows the industry into the future.

It was, as a result, inevitable that when he set his eyes on the high speed train industry that something special would follow. I was not disappointed – the proposed Hyperloop system is like something out of Futurama and uses electromagnetic energy to catapult pods to over 800 miles an hour.

Musk estimated that it could ferry as many as 840 passengers per hour between LA to San Francisco, a journey taking a little over 30 minutes. The pods would be catapulted in tubes running along the i90 freeway and would cost $6 billion, this only a fraction of what it would cost for the controversial proposed high speed train.

Elon Musk we salute you for being a visionary and bestow upon you the prestigious Guts tag, congratulations… now where do I buy my ticket?    

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