Progressive slots: What are they?

Pokies, slot machines, fruit machines. Whatever you call them, if you are a regular online casino player, you will know how exciting it is to play the online format, spinning the reels in search of big money.

There are so many different online pokies, and they come in various formats too. At Guts, you will find lots of options when it comes to slot machines, with bespoke graphics, storylines, and bonus features to be found in the collection. Perhaps the most exciting kind of online slot machines of all are the progressive slots.

Progressive slots games are pokies slot machines that progressively add to bonuses and prizes as the game is played. With every spin that a player has, be that you or someone else playing the same game, the prizes rise and rise until someone hits the jackpot. This interactive feature means that, unlike some slot machines, progressive slots tend to be uncapped in terms of what players can win.

Most progressive slots will have a minimum wager that players must place in order to spin the reels, or to be in with a chance of winning big. However, in some progressive pokies this can be as low as $1.

How do progressive slots work?

Other than the progressive element, these kinds of slot machines work just the same as normal online pokies. The odds of winning the jackpot are determined by a random number generator (RNG), so just like regular pokies, wins are completely down to luck. You place bets, unlock features, spin reels and hope for combinations to land and the money to flow. The progressive gameplay feature means that for every player placing a wager and not winning the jackpot, the jackpot grows.

Players can also have smaller wins while playing, though this has no impact on the jackpot amount. You’ll want to keep one eye on the reels and the other on that growing magic number as you spin one of these adrenaline-fuelled online casino games.

Progressive Slots

Progressive jackpot slots

Progressive jackpot slots can boast jackpots that go into the millions. These sorts of levels eclipse any experience of playing pokies slot machines that you can find in your typical brick-and-mortar casino. And this is just another reason why online casinos continue to capture the imaginations of players all over the world.

One thing to note is that you might not know what the jackpot of a progressive slot is before you play, but as you start to put a few virtual coins and get those reels spinning, you will notice the prize fund going up and up.

Biggest progressive slots jackpot ever

One of the most famous slot machines of all time is a progressive slot. Mega Moolah, the jackpot slot created by Microgaming, has paid out some enormous sums of money down the years and in doing so, has made the headlines in various local, national and international newspapers since it was first made available at online casino providers.

The premise of Mega Moolah is rather simple. Unlike some slot machines that have elaborate themes and storylines that could take you into outer space or into underwater adventures, the theme of this much-loved slot machine is simply the prospect of a life-changing jackpot. Check out this story of the biggest jackpot winner at Guts.

Bets start low and with so many players, the jackpot rises very quickly until, of course, someone wins it.

According to the Guinness World Records, the biggest-ever slot game win came on Mega Moolah when a player from right here in New Zealand landed a humongous $6,017,395.68. That happened in October of 2020 at around 10 am, proving that there really is no right or wrong time to be playing a progressive slot in order to increase your chances of a jackpot.

Now you know about progressive slots, what are you waiting for?

As the lucky winners mentioned will tell you we’re sure, there really is nothing out there in the online casino world that can compare to the potential winnings of progressive slots. They offer the biggest prizes, a sense of community and start at low-end bets. Check our casino guide for more ways to win big at Guts.