How to Play Baccarat & Tips

Baccarat is undeniably one of the suavest and most sophisticated casino games, originating in the 1400s. This table game is wildly popular nowadays, earning worldwide fame after a meteoric rise to the top. At Guts, we offer Kiwis a lovely selection of baccarat games from the likes of Pragmatic Play and Evolution Gaming.

Baccarat rules are relatively simple, although slightly more complex than blackjack. It won’t take long to master the game, providing the perfect foundations for a happy gaming experience. New Zealand may not have a huge number of land-based casinos to play baccarat in, but we’ve got all you need at Guts! Keep reading for a comprehensive baccarat guide teaching beginners how to play and more advanced players some golden tips.

Essential Baccarat Rules

Getting to grips with the baccarat essentials is a foundational part of any winning strategy. You may need a quick recap even if you’re an experienced player. For beginners, it’s even more important to know what you’re doing.

At its simplest, baccarat revolves around predicting whether the Player or Banker hands will be the strongest. .

Two cards are dealt at the start of each round. You add the cards together to find the total value of a hand. If this exceeds 9, you must deduct 10 from the total. Alternatively, the dealer will add an extra card if any hand drops below 5. In the event that this pushes the total value above 9, the same rules of deducting 10 applies.

The winner is the hand closest to 9, with a 1:1 return for the Player and 0.95:1 for the Banker. A Natural Win is one where the hands total 8 or 9 and no more cards have to be dealt. There are a few rules to follow when understanding whether an extra card is needed from the dealer. The simplest way to explain is by separating Player and Banker:

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Player Hand

The Player draws for another card if their total hand value is 5 or below. If it is 6 or 7, they stand.

Dealer Hand

Things are a little more complicated regarding the Banker’s hand. It’s easiest to explain via a table. Along the top is the Player’s third card value. The horizontal column on the left is the Banker total:


First, consider the value of your third dealt card. Next, check the current Banker total to see whether they must stand or draw.

There is also a tie option during baccarat. This happens when both the Player and Banker have the same points total. Most online baccarat options have an 8:1 bet available for ties.

How to Play Baccarat: Step-by-Step

That’s the essential rules out the way, so now you’re almost ready to play baccarat online with us at Guts! We have some of the best Evolution Gaming and NetEnt titles available, so you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Here is a quick step-by-step guide on how to play baccarat:

  1. Choose your preferred game from the Guts baccarat casino collection.
  2. Place your initial bet. You can also place pair and tie bets here.
  3. Wait for the cards to be dealt.
  4. Check whether the Player or Banker needs an extra card using the baccarat rules we explored earlier
  5. Sum up the totals and see who won!

Baccarat Betting In A Nutshell

As you can see, baccarat is a relatively straightforward casino game to learn. There aren't too many potential actions for players other than setting your bet. Look below for a rundown of the potential baccarat wagers you can play:

  • Player: 1:1
  • Banker 0.95:1
  • Tie 8:1
  • Player Pair 11:1 (Player wins with no extra cards dealt)
  • Banker Pair 11:1 (Banker wins with no extra cards dealt)

Golden Baccarat Tips For Success

More advanced players will appreciate the recap of the rules, but now we’re going to explore some golden tips for success. For all the baccarat beginners out there, well done! It’s time to hone your strategy with a few tips:

  • Stay away from tie bets: Tie bet house edge is approximately 14.4%, so you’re statistically better off missing out on these wagers.
  • Banker is best: The Banker winning percentage is just over 51% looking at the raw data. Even with the 5% commission, it makes the Banker bet arguably more attractive.
  • Take care of your bankroll: Baccarat is a simple game to play, but you mustn’t let this affect your bankroll management. Bet tactically to ensure you have the longest possible session.

What are you waiting for? You’ve got all the tools to play live baccarat at Guts - get stuck in!

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