How to Play Pokies

There is no denying that online casino games possess a special flavour. Whether you prefer to call them pokies, slots, or fruit machines, these games undoubtedly hold a certain charm that is universally appealing. There is a reason why Kiwis find them absolutely irresistible, and at Guts we completely understand why.

Before we start exploring the colourful world of pokies, we want to make sure you are fully versed in the art of playing them. Though our online pokies might seem diverse in their themes and designs, the core rules remain reassuringly simple.

Our portfolio is packed with a wide array of pokies from top-notch gaming providers like NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, and Big Time Gaming, among others. We have got something for everyone! Whether you are a fan of the classics or always on the lookout for the latest innovations, Guts Casino offers thousands of options which will keep you thoroughly entertained.

If you are wondering how to play pokies and how to win on pokie machines, an important thing to understand is the fact that the main goal of most online pokies is to obtain a cluster of three or more identical symbols anywhere on the reels. In addition to the regular symbols, you might also come across ‘’wild’’ icons that can replace all of them to help you form a winning combination. Besides that, there are also ‘’scatter’’ icons, which can help unlock numerous bonus rounds and tons of fun features.

Selecting Pokies: A Step-By-Step Rundown

Do not worry if you are new to the world of pokies. Mastering these games is not an uphill task; in fact, you will see that most of them operate on the basis of similar rules. To help you hit the ground running, we have crafted a friendly step-by-step guide below:

  • Select your favourite pokie: Guts Casino is home to an incredible assortment of games, boasting thousands of titles from leading developers like Play N’ GO and Microgaming. Therefore, whether you like cheeky leprechauns, Egyptian pyramids, or futuristic spacecraft, you may be sure to discover a pokie that appeals to you. Also, the Guts platform has its own search engine, thanks to which you can jump onto the quick search via the Guts search bar, and find your desired online pokie in an instant.
  • Get familiar with your chosen pokie: Once you have picked a game, take a moment to understand its unique characteristics. Examine the paytable and learn the specific rules before you set your wager using the bet controls at the bottom of the screen. You will find that wagers typically range from as little as $0.10 to as high as $100.00.
  • Let the reels spin: When you are satisfied with your bet, it is time to unleash the action. Press the ‘’Spin’’ button and watch the reels spin with anticipation. Each spin brings with it the potential for rewards!
  • Unlock special features: Keep your eyes peeled for special symbols - these are your tickets to unlocking exciting bonus features such as free spins and wild-based extras. These bonuses add an extra layer of fun and significantly boost winnings, as well.
  • Winning combinations: Winning at pokies usually involves lining up identical symbols on a payline, in a cluster, or on adjacent reels. However, the rules can differ from one game to another, so it is essential to understand them before playing.

One of the reasons pokies are so beloved by players is their straightforward gameplay, which enables players to focus more on the enjoyment and less on learning complex rules. But remember, knowing how to play is one thing, understanding how to win is another!

Tips on How to Win Online Pokies in New Zealand

To maximise your chances of winning, you should keep certain techniques and factors in mind, which are the essence of how to win pokies. In the sections that follow, not only will we discuss these things in greater depth, but we will also give you some recommendations that, if followed, can provide you with some advantage while playing.

Utilise Pokie Demo Mode to Gain Knowledge

Knowledge is power, and getting to know your game in and out before wagering real money can significantly increase the winning odds. Using the demo mode to play slots for free is a fantastic way to learn the ropes and understand how bonus features work.

Understand the Importance of Return to Player (RTP)

When it comes to statistics, the Return to Player percentage is arguably the most crucial factor to consider. It is the average amount you can expect to win back from a $100 bet on a specific pokie machine. Generally, pokies with an RTP of 96% and higher are the best bet. Although it is not a guarantee of winning, it certainly provides a solid insight into statistical chances of winning.

Keeping Track of Progressive Jackpots

In the world of pokies, there are specific slots which accumulate the main jackpot prize over time, and cash it all out to one potential winner. So, attempting to reach a progressive jackpot win is one way to play pokies. At Guts Casino New Zealand, we have a dedicated Jackpot tab featuring an extensive collection of progressive jackpot slots. To keep you in the loop, we even list the current jackpot amount for each game. Remember, these progressive jackpots grow with every non-winning spin and are often networked across multiple platforms from which the pokie is accessed.

Pokies Providers

How do Pokies Work?

All of us casino lovers have had to ask this question numerous times: how do pokies work actually? We believe it is high time we answered it! At the heart of successful pokies games lies a sophisticated algorithm known as a random number generator, or RNG. This ingenious system is what guarantees the fairness and randomness of each spin within these games, thereby maintaining the thrilling element of unpredictability that keeps players entertained at all times. The independence of each spin allows every player, whether a novice or a veteran, to begin each spin on an equal footing. The results are autonomously generated, untouched by previous sequences, and they remain wholly indifferent to what might happen in the future.

The job of an RNG in a pokie machine is to generate a series of numbers each time a player spins the reels. These numbers correspond to the different symbols and potential outcomes of the game.

One important aspect to understand about RNGs is their relentless operation. They do not wait for a player to press the Spin button. In fact, they are continuously generating sequences of numbers, even when the machine is not in play. This ensures the outcome of each spin is entirely random and unrelated to any previous or subsequent spin.

The assurance of randomness provided by RNGs is fundamental to the fairness and integrity of all pokie games. It ensures that every player has an equal opportunity to win with every spin. Furthermore, this lack of predictability adds to the excitement and suspense of playing, as players have no way of knowing what the next spin will bring.

When you play pokies at a reputable casino like Guts, you can be confident that the RNGs have been thoroughly tested for fairness by independent testing agencies. This ensures that the numbers generated are indeed random, and each spin offers an unbiased chance of winning.

Making the Game Richer with Online Casino Bonuses

Using the power of casino bonuses might make your first foray into the world of online pokies that much more exciting. These intriguing extras improve your gaming session by increasing your odds of winning and broadening your entertainment options. Guts Casino gives players a wide variety of bonuses and freebies, from those given at registration to those given during play.

Essentially, we show deep appreciation for newcomers with an enticing casino welcome bonus. New players are treated to a generous 100% match bonus on the first three deposits, up to a maximum of $1,500. Such bonuses serve as an excellent foundation for your pokie journey, allowing you to revel in the games without straining your bankroll.

As you delve deeper into the world of online pokies, you will discover an array of in-game bonuses. These bonuses, which are an inseparable part of the game, ensure every pokie has its special aura. Free spins, a popular form of in-game bonuses, let you set the reels in motion without using any of your actual funds.

Additionally, one should also look out for intriguing features like bonus mini-games or side quests. Triggered by specific combinations on the reels, these extra elements provide a unique gaming narrative and can potentially unlock significant wins.

Optimising the Strategy: Effective Slot Tips

Playing pokies online at Guts Casino is about more than just spinning the reels, hoping for those coveted symbols to align. It is about employing a useful strategy, understanding the intricacies of the game and navigating your way to a more enjoyable and rewarding gaming experience. Knowing how to play pokies and which strategies to employ is as important as enjoying the gameplay. Here, we will dissect some useful tips for playing online pokies.

Unfolding the Mystery of Slot Volatility

One significant aspect of online slots is their volatility or variance. It is an indicator of both the frequency and size of potential wins. High volatility slots may not yield wins as frequently, but when they do, the rewards can be much bigger than in other types of online pokies. On the other hand, low volatility slots offer more frequent wins, yet smaller ones. Understanding slot volatility can give you important information about the pokie of your choice. For instance, if you are in the mood for a steady stream of smaller wins, low volatility slots might be your cup of tea, or the other way around, when you are in the mood for thrill-seeking or searching for a potential big payout.

Explore and Learn More about Pokies

At Guts Casino, we are not just about providing a broad array of games. We also take pride in fostering a well-informed player community. For this reason, the team of experts at Guts has put very much effort into creating useful casino guides which contain all the information in one place about how to properly access online pokies in New Zealand and how to get the most out of playing time. These resources can help you master the rules, refine your strategies, and evolve from a novice to a savvy pokie player. In addition to that, it is worth mentioning that we also offer a unique casino blog which discusses all pokie-related topics. The blog helps keep the Kiwi player community informed about all relevant questions, which is something that definitely adds to the overall positive gaming experience at Guts NZ.

Venture into the World of Table Games

Are you maybe interested in spinning a different kind of wheel? Our comprehensive roulette guide can lead you into the fantastic world of red and black. We outline the game's rules, betting options, strategies, and more, serving as a launchpad for your roulette adventures.

And for those drawn to the card decks, our baccarat guide unveils the game's elegance. Learn the basics about this classic casino game and master the strategies to confidently go through each round.

Explore More with Guts NZ

In addition to the rich collection of games that has been talked about, another special feature that needs to be mentioned are live casino games. Live games offer an opportunity to all the Kiwi players to get the essence of a true, physical casino while being in any other location. As their name suggests, live casino games are always played in real time and are also a popular destination for casino lovers, especially those who miss the magic of the real casino floor.

Our collection features a diverse range of games, each offering its unique thrill. No matter whether you are a fan of slots, table games, or live casino, you are bound to find games at Guts Casino that resonate with your playing style.

Ultimately, we aim to offer you more than just a gaming platform. At Guts New Zealand, we provide an unforgettable journey filled with exhilarating gaming experiences, wrapped up in a fair and secure environment.